Sailboat Engagement Photos at Sunset

Sailing off into the sunset with your significant other has always been the dream. Between the crystal blue sky, peaceful waters, and the warm sun beaming down on you, it’s hard not to leave completely in love. We are delighted to share more about this sweet couple and their absolutely stunning engagement shoot. This sailboat engagement session during sunset was totally swoon-worthy and we can’t wait to share it with you!

The photographer PS Cobia Shares,

As the photographer, I was beyond excited about this shoot. I mean sailboat engagement shoot at sunset? Yes yes yes! I knew I wanted to shoot the majority in film to showcase the raw beauty. Once the day came, I was enamored by how perfect the day unfolded, perfect weather and not a cloud in the sky. Although, I will say that sailboat engagements are a lot tougher than I thought. The constant rocking and trying to compose the couple with the lighting as the sailboat rocked was tricky. But in the end, ALL WORTH IT. 

Couple Shannon and Trent are a couple who met pushing weight at a local cross-fit gym and their competitive spirit led to a match made in heaven! Before their engagement, they both have always had a love for the water and decided to take sailing lessons together. And once they got engaged, they knew that a sailboat engagement session was a perfect way to tell a story of their love and relationship. 

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