Rowboat Anniversary Photos in Ontario Canada

Quick show of hands: who here has a soft spot in their heart for “The Notebook?” Yeah, same here! That’s why we’re head over heels for these rowboat anniversary photos that took place in beautiful Ontario – we’re getting major Noah and Allie vibes (two swans even made a surprise visit!). Darren wanted to surprise Kennedy with a romantic date and a beautiful photo session to celebrate their anniversary, and we’re sure she was swooning just as much as we are! The date was complete with an extra dreamy touch: a Monet-inspired floral installation on their rowboat. If you’re a sucker for sweet romantic gestures, this one is for you. Scroll down to see all of the beautiful moments we loved the most!

The photographer, Emily Jean Photography shares about the adorable couple,

Darren had approached me to surprise his girlfriend Kennedy with a private rowboat date and photos together to celebrate their anniversary. Luckily, one of my fellow entrepreneur friends graciously let us come to her estate and use her private pond and rowboat to make this surprise happen. I also brought two dresses of my own to photograph her in, so he knew she had something beautiful to wear for the pictures!

From the Monet inspiration floral installation on their rowboat, a surprise visit from two swans, to the clinking of glasses of rosè, this was a session for the books and I had the most fun with this beautiful and genuine couple. It was a pleasure getting to authentically document their love for each other on their anniversary.

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