Romantic Proposal at The Biltmore Hotel

We love a good proposal story and this one just keeps getting better! There is one surprise after another for bride to-be Savannah. Her now fiancé Danny, with the help of family & friends, pulled off the ultimate romantic proposal at the Biltmore Hotel. We don’t want to spoil it before Savannah herself shares the story of how he popped the question! Read on for all the sweet details…

Earlier in the week, Danny’s sister and her husband texted us in a group chat asking if we would like to join them for a private food and wine event at The Biltmore Hotel that they were catering. Together, they own The Salty Donut in Miami, so events like this for them were common and often. Hearing the words “food” and “wine”, I was immediately down to attend and RSVP’d for Danny and I without even asking him on the side. The week went by like any other normal week, until we had to get ready for the event in which I was running about 15 minutes late. He rushed me along and helped me pick out my outfit while I had a curling iron in my hair, and then we were on our way in the Uber when I noticed his hands were sweating. Also, not weird.

Once we arrived to the Biltmore, his sister was there to meet us in the lobby before the event. She explained how she lost her husband while setting up for the event and that she was frustrated because she needed to finish setting up the catering. Danny excuses himself to the restroom, and we wait for him for about 10 mins before his sister asks me to help her set up for the event before she loses any more time. I said I would go with to lend a hand, and text Danny that I’ll see him up at the event since he was taking so long in the bathroom. Again…not weird.

We make our way up to the “event”, and I see Danny far down this outdoor courtyard hallway, and his sister says “Oh what is Danny doing there?!” as she runs away through a door and disappears. Confused, I walk down the hall closer to where Danny is standing, and notice he is standing among beautiful arrangements of flowers and candles. I then notice our good friend who is an amazing photographer standing there as well, and start to piece it all together. I didn’t understand what was happening until Danny took my hand and began proposing to me. In complete shock, we both cried while he was proposing, and of course I said yes!!

After gathering that there was no “private food and wine event,” and that I was now engaged to the love of my life, the surprises did not stop coming. We took photos with our photographer, Masson Liang photography, around the grounds of The Biltmore Hotel, and Danny told me we would be staying there and having a romantic night just the two of us. As we walked to dinner, the host opened a door to a private dining room where my entire family was hiding to surprise us! My fiancé had coordinated my family to fly in from LA, and my best friend to fly in from NYC! They had all been a part of the proposal plan to make it the most incredible day of my life.

We were able to celebrate our engagement together, and with all of our loved ones all on the same day. My fiancé pulled off the surprise of a lifetime, and I am officially the luckiest girl in the world!

Isn’t it romantic?!

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