Romantic Pastel Wedding in Santorini, Greece

These scenic nuptials take place in the ultimate destination for romantics. Lisa & Steve celebrated their love with a pastel wedding in Santorini, Greece that took them from the top of the island’s cliffs to it’s only beach bar. After a tear-jerking first look and private exchange of vows, they wed in front of the gorgeous sea-scape, and then led their guests to a twinkle lit reception. Is this what dreams are made of, or what?! Below the couple’s planner shares the design inspiration, while the bride shares all the emotional details, alongside stunning images from Elias Kordelakos

Santo Weddings by MK describes the day’s decor, saying, Lisa & Steve are just one of those couples who I connected instantly with. Easy-Going, down to earth & more than happy to let me do what I know best: plan their wedding. An amazing couple that I was lucky enough to meet, their love story from the heart & their wedding simply breathtaking. From the first Skype chat we had, they made it easy for me to feel what they need and be inspired. All that Lisa said to me was “do whatever you want but I adore Tiffany Blue and would love to incorporate it into our wedding.”

That was it. And when a bride leaves space for the wedding planner to be able to be inspired and the freedom to be able to design a wedding as only a wedding planner knows how to do, than there is nothing more exhilarating and the results will surely exceed expectations. When any woman hears the words “Tiffany Blue” the first things that come to mind are the world wide famous Tiffany Blue jewelry box, you think of opening it and finding a unique piece of jewelry. You think of black & white movies, of tall
candelabras, of dozens of flowers and of romance. But we stepped it up, wanting to combine the longing of years long gone with the beautiful scenery of Santorini and embrace all natural elements with the Tiffany Blue theme with Steve & Lisa’s love…

So we matched the tiffany blue with a pink-salmon pastel palette to give a romantic brush on a vintage story. Steve & Lisa’s wedding took place at beautiful beach venue in Santorini, surrounded by the Aegean Blues & the unique beauty of Santorini’s black beaches as a backdrop. Close your eyes and imagine it, string fairy lights hanging everywhere, natural wooden elements and for the tablescape what else than Tiffany Blue floral plates, vintage crystal glasses, gold cutlery & Tiffany Blue napkins. Gold centerpieces matching perfectly the pastel flowers, like a warm hug. To keep the floral romantic sense, the table numbers where in a flowery design.

The First Look

For years I had been awed by pictures of Santorini. The island always looked so stunning, the views absolutely spectacular, and the food, well… who doesn’t love Greek food?! Steve and I had been hoping to have a holiday there together but hadn’t managed to before we got engaged. We had spoken about having a wedding abroad before our engagement and had already pretty much decided on Santorini. We didn’t even consider any other options, our minds and hearts were set on this beautiful island and it did not disappoint. It is our favorite place we have ever been, and we cannot wait to go back one day.

Steve and I were both very hesitant about doing a first look to begin with but we both now say it’s the best thing we ever did, and would recommend it to everybody! It was just so special a moment to have where it was just us together, seeing each other for the first time on the day, Steve seeing me for the first time in my dress, the realization that the day was finally here that we would be marrying each other… It was definitely the memorable moment of the day. Steve says it was the one moment of the whole day where he felt choked up and just instantly started crying. I think it’s because there is such a build up, it’s a very emotional day, and getting to experience that first look as just the two of you is really wonderful. All the emotions can spill out. It’s the only part of the day that you aren’t surrounded by friends and family, and are able to experience the magical moment in privacy and prepare ourselves for the ceremony together.

Their story, as told by the bride…

We met through an online dating service called Plenty of Fish. At the time, Steve was playing cricket in Australia and I was back in our hometown, Southampton. We spoke for several months every day and really got to know one another well. So, when Steve arrived back in the UK it didn’t take us longer than a week to finally meet each other in person. We met at a local pub and had a soft drink outside whilst catching up and it felt like we already knew each other so well! From that day forward we spent a ton of time together and grew really close very quickly. I can’t speak for Steve but after just a few weeks I knew he was the one for me and we would marry one day!

Steve planned the proposal with my parents. When he asked for their permission to ask me, he suggested that he surprise me in Spain. Every year my mum, sister and I visit Spain for a small time over a bank holiday, and at some point my dad will join us for a couple of days. Steve had planned to fly out with my dad without me knowing. So, when they arrived, my dad drove him to the spot where he planned to surprise me, and Steve hid behind some rocks. I later found out he was nearly arrested by security as they found a strange man hiding!

When my dad arrived to greet us all, he suggested taking us to lunch, to a restaurant I had always wanted to go to. So, we jumped in the car and started making our way. He pulled over close to the top of the mountain to “take pictures”, and whilst he got me to take a photo of them three, Steve walked out from his hiding place behind me. But I didn’t turn around! He waited some time and eventually tapped me on the shoulder, and as soon as I turned and saw him I burst into tears! I had always wanted him to come to our family home in Spain and he had never been able to due to commitments with work and cricket, so I was so happy to see him!

My parents and sister left us to walk down to the restaurant together and said they’d meet us at the bottom, so off they drove. Steve and I walked a couple of minutes then stopped to appreciate the view. Then, he stood behind me and gave me a big hug, whilst opening the ring box before my eyes. I could feel his heart beating through his chest so strong! I turned to face him, and he asked me to marry him! Of course, I said yes! And after some hugs and kisses we continued the walk down the mountain to meet my sister and parents waiting for us at the bottom, at the restaurant by the beach. I jumped and skipped and shouted to them, and when we arrived we were greeted with champagne and strawberries by the staff, who had opened the restaurant especially for us! We had a wonderful lunch with my family and then headed back to our home to call our closest family and friends, then share our amazing news with the world.

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