Romantic Indoor Picnic Proposal

This is one of the most special and unique proposals we’ve ever witnessed.. virtually that is. The indoor picnic proposal is full on inside jokes, intimate memories, and a rustic wine-country theme. Props to Sunny for going all out for his future wife! So much so that he hired a little help from Luxe Proposals – and boy! was it worth it!

Here’s how it all panned out from the designers at Luxe Proposals…

2 years ago, Sunny fell in love with Neetu’s bubbly personality and spontaneous nature. When the first kiss took place, Sunny was unsure about the signals she was giving, so he outright asked her if he could kiss her. For his proposal, Sunny decided to choose a wine country theme to replicate their memorable wine tours in Kelowna.

To ensure Neetu would dress up, Sunny invited her to a client’s holiday fundraiser. Upon entry, Neetu was shocked to see a rustic picnic set up for her, complete with her favorite chocolate cake and white wine. A beautiful calligraphy card with her first name and his last name was tied to a mason jar with her favorite sweets. Wooden boards boasted his favorite memories with her in witty quotes: “When there’s a wheel, there’s a way” represents the time Sunny fractured his foot in LA, and Neetu had to wheelchair him around Universal Studios. Last but not least, a sweet card expressing his promises to her, just like the time he wrote her a card asking her to be his girlfriend.

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