Magical Winter Wonderland Proposal

If you have never thought of hiring a pro to help plan a proposal, this magical winter wonderland proposal just may convince you! With the help of Luxe Proposals, Tu surprised his long time girlfriend with not only that exciting question, but a thoughtfully planned fairytale proposal. In the location of her dreams, Tu asked Phuong to marry him, while his best friend captured it all on camera, of course! Phuong shares the special day from her point of view, while Luxe Proposals shares everything that went on behind the scenes to bring it to life!

Tu wanted to kick off the New Year by asking his girlfriend, Phuong, “Will You Marry Me?”. The couple both appreciates the art of photography; Tu’s side hobby is photography, while Phuong is his main subject. Thanks to Phuong’s love for fashion and style, Tu wanted to make sure gold was the color of choice for his queen. For weeks, Phuong had seen pictures of Grouse Mountain’s “Light Tunnel” all over Instagram and had been bugging him to go. It was the perfect proposal venue.

In the snowy pathway sat a beautiful vintage table with photos spilling off of it onto the snow. The photos were compiled in chronological order to represent the years they have been together. Above it, was a frame made of gold garland and a “Marry Me?” sign hanging off of it.

To top of it off, beautiful fairy lights in tall glass vases surrounded the table to tie into the already lighted walkway. Phuong believed that she was the one dragging Tu to the Light Tunnel that she had been dying to check out. Little did she know, she was walking into her own proposal!

Phuong shares, “As we started walking towards that area, I spotted someone that looked like his best friend almost immediately, snapping pictures of us. I turned to Tu and asked, “Isn’t that Kai?!”. He said to me, “Nah that’s not Kai! That’s just some random guy taking our pictures.”

Super confused at this point, we take another couple steps and I see something set up in the middle of the pathway. I thought it was so pretty, and started to say, “Oh look! What is that? Is someone getting-” Suddenly, I see Tu smiling at me while he reached into his jacket pocket. I couldn’t believe it when he pulled out a small red velvet box and got down on one knee. The first thing I did was yell, “WHAT?! NO!!!”. I then realized my extremely poor choice of words and nearly knocked him over as I hugged him, crying. Needless to say, it was the most amazing moment of my life!!”


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