How to Pick an Engagement Ring that will Never Go Out of Style

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Trends come and go, we know that to be true. When talking about fashion we often talk about following trends, or what is trending, but today is a different story. We are discussing a topic much more important than everyday fashion: how to pick an engagement ring! First of all, if you are reading this article, you are most likely thinking of popping the question. Let’s take a moment to let that sink in! This is a huge moment that deserves a nice glass of celebratory bubbly!

Okay, now that you have champagne in hand we are ready to start discussing how to pick an engagement ring that will never go out of style. We are all too familiar with how easy it is to get sucked into the latest trending engagement ring styles, but a marriage is forever. Your ring style should last just as long as your marriage. So we enlisted the experts at Taylor & Hart to help navigate this major decision! So without further ado, we have narrowed down our tips into 5 easy steps to follow to find your timeless engagement ring style!

.01 – Start with the Center Stone

When choosing an engagement ring, we recommend starting with the center stone. There are many different diamond shapes, but the most common are the classic round, emerald cut,  oval cut, and last but not least, a pear cut. Pick a shape you know won’t be dated in 10 years’  time. We have got to say, we have been reviewing weddings for 12+ years now and the classic round and emerald-cut have never gone out of style. The Taylor & Hart design process makes it so easy to visualize what each center stone looks like in different settings. They even have the option to narrow down your search by center stone with an endless possibility of options, so we know everyone will be able to find the right center stone for them. 

.02 – Pick a Timeless Metal

No one can tell you what metal is right for you (or your significant other). This decision is so subjective to your preference, but we have mapped out a couple of things to consider when making this decision. First things first, what color is the rest of her jewelry? If it’s all gold chances are she loves gold! If it’s a mixture of different metals then narrow down the pieces she has had the longest and wears the most – that should help guide you.

For a more unique metal, Taylor & Hart is known for their gorgeous Platinum metal. Their CEO Nikolay Piriankov says it best: “Platinum is an iconic choice when it comes to jewelry. It’s naturally bright, and the white appearance will retain its beauty to ensure your ring will be treasured for a lifetime.” Regardless of what metal you choose to go with, you can rest assured that if you purchase or design your ring with Taylor & Hart you are shopping a ring made from the purest of metals and ethically sourced diamonds.

.03 – Keep in Mind Less is More

Don’t mistake this title to be referring to diamonds – no, we are not saying that fewer diamonds is more. That’s a sentence you will never hear us say! We are referring to the design. With the goal of the ring staying timeless, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of letting the diamond shine. In our opinion, diamonds will never go out of style. So choosing a ring design where the diamond, or diamonds for that matter, are the focus is important for creating a timeless look.

.04 – Consider Complementing Wedding Bands

You would be surprised how many people forget to consider what wedding band would complement the engagement ring they choose, and if it’s a style that makes or breaks their engagement ring. Think of it like a packaged deal; of course, the bride will want to be a part of the wedding band process. It is always good to keep in mind what she wants while picking out the engagement ring.

.05 – Start searching for your perfect timeless ring

Now that you know what metal color you want, the desired center stone, and the desired complementing design it’s time to start looking for the ring itself. Taylor & Hart has fabulous features on their website where you can narrow down the rings by all of your preferences and scroll from there. Literally the easiest process ever!

If you happened to dream up your perfect timeless ring and have a great idea of exactly what you want in your mind, then we can’t recommend enough utilizing Taylor & Hart’s custom engagement ring process. This seamless process will take your ideas from the ring you have dreamed up in your head. They then make it a reality that will turn out even better than you could have ever imagined! Their team of experts are known for their custom engagement rings! After all, the desire to create a totally unique engagement ring is what started Taylor & Hart in the first place.

Let us know in the comments if you now feel confident enough to pick an engagement ring?

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