9 Reasons to Opt for a Lab Grown Diamond

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The saying, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” could not be more true in our opinions. We are willing to guess that all the women reading this right now are nodding their heads in agreement. And rightfully so, because we have never seen a diamond we didn’t love. Today on the blog, we are excited to be sharing with you 9 reasons to opt for a lab grown diamond. Throughout the years, we have had our fair share of wedding planning research, but we knew we needed to enlist help from the experts, so we have partnered up with the best, of the best, LovBe. Not only are LovBe known for their lab grown diamonds, but they also happen to have an amazing build your own ring resource we know will be helpful for so many couples! Scroll on to see the nine reasons we think you should opt for a lab grown diamond!

.01 – There is no compromise on quality

One of the first things that people often think of when they think about Lab Grown Diamonds is that they automatically assume you have to compromise on quality. We are here to say that this actually could not be further from the truth. “In 2018, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) revised its definition of a diamond in its Jewelry Guides. The guide previously defined diamonds as “a natural/mineral consisting essentially of pure carbon crystalized in the isometric system.” But the word “natural” was omitted in the latest revision. The FTC’s Jewelry Guides are designed to avoid consumer deception. Lab grown diamonds are not to be referred to as real, genuine, natural or synthetic to imply that a lab grown diamond is not, in fact, an actual diamond. This acknowledgment of FTC about diamonds – both from mines and labs – empowers you to now choose your diamond based on your priorities. They are both diamonds, simply with different origins!”

.02 – It’s more sustainable

The impact of diamonds on the environment is a controversial topic, but it has been said that mining a diamond can cause lasting effects. It has been said that “For every carat of diamond that is mined, nearly 100 sq ft of land is disturbed and almost 6000 lbs of mineral waste is created.” If this is a topic that peeks your interest we recommend doing some more research on the topic to see if this is an area that would add a bonus to your list as to why to opt for a lab grown diamond.

Image via Kari Bjorn

.03 – You can get your dream ring, at a dream price

Not only are lab grown diamonds exactly the same a chemically as mined diamonds, but they look exactly the same as well, for a fraction of the cost! “LovBe is committed to providing unsurpassed value. With our exceptional lab grown diamonds, you have the opportunity to select a LovBe Lab Grown Diamond that is up to 2X’s the size of a mined diamond for the same price!”‘ It’s a win-win!

.04 – Diamonds are timeless

If you are unsure if you even want a diamond in general, then let us take a moment to try and convince you. We have seen the appeal of a different gemstone, and although they are stunning, when it comes to an engagement ring, timeless is best. With a diamond, we can guarantee that it will never go out of style! That being said you won’t have to compromise on quality, “Every LovBe Lab Grown Diamond is selected by an expert, with only 2 in every 10 diamonds passing our strict quality control standards. Only the highest quality diamonds for a given color and clarity, certified by independent third party diamond grading laboratories, are chosen -ensuring maximum sparkle, fire, and luster.” 

.05 – They are made from the same materials

Mined diamonds and Lab grown diamonds are made from the same materials. LovBe explains this best, “A LovBe Lab Grown Diamond has an identical chemical, physical and optical properties to an earth-mined diamond. As testimony to this, the Federal Trade Commission removed the word “natural” from the basic definition of a diamond in 2018. That benchmark decision establishes that there is now more than one way to create a diamond.”

.06 – They are in fact “real” diamonds

Put that worry in the back of your head asking you, but are they really diamonds? aside, because YES, “LovBe’s Lab Grown Diamonds are certified by independent grading laboratories where gemologists inspect and grade them. The certificate verifies that each stone meets the rigorous standards set by the industry. This certificate is included with your purchase.”

.07 – Lab-grown diamonds are unique

Just like mined diamonds can result in many different shapes and sizes so can lab grown diamonds. Since the process both are made are virtually identical it is safe to say that any variation you want of a diamond, they will have! “LovBe Lab Grown Diamonds are available in a range of shapes, including round brilliants, princess and emerald-cuts, as well as oval, pear, cushion, and radiant cuts.” You can even design a custom ring so that you can ensure your jewelry is as unique and special as your love story!

.08 – Your diamond is certified

Don’t just take our word for it, “LovBe diamonds are graded and certified by reputed grading laboratories as per the standard rating system used industry-wide.”

.09 – They are growing in popularity

It should come as no surprise that with all the reasons listed above that lab grown diamonds are growing in popularity and for good reason! Not only can you get your dream ring at your dream price but you can feel good about your choice in doing so!

Are you ready to start designing your own Lab Grown diamond? Check out this amazing resource for how to make your dream ring a reality! Curious what our favorite designs are? Well, we are so glad you asked! We obsessing over the LovBe eternal collection! A capsule collection of nine engagement ring designs featuring fancy shape side stones, which embrace the lab grown diamond of your dreams. From sleek, tapered baguettes, to sophisticated pears, to classic, timeless round brilliants, LovBe Eternal allows a couple to build their perfect engagement ring. With the ability to select a center stone of their choosing, to fit their design desires, as well as their budget, LovBe Eternal rings will be sure to exemplify your past, present and future.

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