Self-Care Checklist for 2020 & 2021 Brides

While planning your wedding can be lots of fun, we also know the toll it can take on your overall well-being. It’s one thing to look your best, and to have everything you’ve ever wanted for your dream wedding, but it’s another to feel your best on your wedding day! For the brides that have had to postpone their wedding for a later date, and for the ones who have a 2021 date already in the books, we’re here to help you navigate your mental health and provide a self-care checklist to keep in mind during this time. The team at HoneyFitz Events recommends to “take a deep breath and let all the stress go. Remember your wedding is about enjoying the day, the details, your girls, your S.O., and finally be ready to celebrate and toast that you have made it! Make yourself the priority for the day and be sure to enjoy every moment.”

     As you keep that helpful reminder at the top of brain, be sure to scroll on to read the rest of this self-care checklist comprised of helpful tips that you won’t want to forget as your plan your dream wedding day!

Self-Care Checklist for 2020 & 2021 Brides - Inspired by This
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The first thing Rea Danielle of  Rea Danielle Designs wants you to remember is to delegate. “Talk to a wedding planner. We can help you task manage or take over the task all together. You don’t have to do everything by yourself! You already work hard all day long! Happy people delegate. Consider that this will allow you to enjoy your engagement in a happier more present way.” When you have all of your ducks in a row, and have the huge workload taken off of your shoulders, it’s no secret that a better night’s sleep falls right in line! With that in mind, Rea Danielle advises brides to make sleep a priority.

     “Sleep is one of the most important pillars of health, but also the one we tend to put on the back burner when the going gets rough,” she says.

     “We know that wedding planning is probably keeping you up at night, but sleep is the foundation to proper digestion, stress management, and energy levels. Aim for 8 hours each night and you will feel and look your best come your wedding day—promise.”

Another thing to keep in mind, is to avoid burnout! The pressure to get as much done as possible while in quarantine can bring a lot of stress and unnecessary anxiety, but remember that it is equally productive to make time for yourself, and slowing down can be a good thing. “Get your skincare on point, try out some new products until you find exactly what you like. Use this time to find your favorite workout routines so that you feel your best when your big day comes!”, Cassie Majestic, MD advises.  CEO & Lead Planner of Feathered Arrow Events, Kari Dirksen stresses the importance of making time for yourself & your partner. 

I suggest to my clients to take a step back, relax and do something that brings you and your partner joy! If you can’t have your wedding on the actual day, celebrate anyway with just you and your partner,” Dirksen said.

However, anytime you need a break and some self-care, I suggest to make a list of things that bring you joy and then find the things you can do now and do them. The more joy we can infuse right now into our lives, the less stressed and more grateful we can be!”

Remember that in the midst of planning your wedding, this is a beautiful time to get closer to your significant other, and nurturing your relationship into “happily ever after.”

     “In many religious ceremonies, partners often go through premarital counseling as part of the process.” Rea Danielle reminds us. “In non-traditional ceremonies, pre-wedding counseling may not be mandated, but it is certainly still available. A quick internet search of “premarital counseling [city here]” or “couples counseling [city here]” should bring up local therapists available to you and your partner. This can be a good environment to talk through values, finances, and stressors (especially those that have come up during the planning process) and learn communication techniques that you can use now and take with you far beyond your wedding day.

 Taking time for yourself can also look like a scheduled time you set for yourself to use deep breathing and meditation. For those that have never considered meditation the positive benefits are endless! Meditation can aid in alleviating stress, reducing anxiety, boosting confidence, and improving creativity and focus. Creating a healthy environment and safe space in your home is also a great stress reliever. Whether that is investing in essential oils or house plants, allowing yourself to find some sense of tranquility will make the planning process smoother. Perhaps meditation for you is journaling, reading an inspiring book or listening to some relaxing music.  Perhaps it’s turning to online tools, and group meditations. Emily Vartanian-Tuttle, the Founder of the meditation platform, Pause + Purpose reminds us that being able to celebrate and gather is a gift, and how to utilize their platform in the midst of wedding planning.

     “At the heart of the celebration is gratitude for the people you love the most, and you can view it as a time to practice this beautiful skill. Pause + Purpose is a gathering platform that helps bring people together in a positive way. It allows groups to participate in meditations and meaningful discussions with their loved ones in person or via video chat–deepening bonds, and strengthening community.”

 Lastly, Emily Vartanian-Tuttle urges brides to be gentle with yourself

     “You had to completely shift gears this year, and that takes a tremendous amount of emotional energy. A way to show yourself kindness is to reflect on the most significant reasons you decided to have a wedding in the first place and to figure out how you can carry these intentions into the year regardless. 

 The bottom line is, you are getting to honor and celebrate and extremely beautiful moment in your life. Getting to celebrate love with your dearest friends & family is a beautiful thing in and of itself, and that should be your #1 driving force as you continue to plan your wedding! 

Now that you’ve got the tools to maintain a healthy mental space as you plan your dream wedding, check out these wedding planning tasks you can check off while in quarantine!

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