Inspired by San Francisco Floral Designer Nancy Liu Chin

Today I am very excited to get to share about a woman that I find truly talented: Nancy Liu Chin is a San Francisco floral designer and superstar! Nancy Liu Chin Designs is one of San Francisco Bay Area’s most sought after wedding floral and event designers. It is no surprise that she has been featured in countless magazines and on many of the industry’s best blogs. What you may not know is how Nancy got started in floral design and what serves as her inspiration in the designing process. To unearth those topics we got Nancy to tell us in her own words. Nancy told us:

“Believe it or not, my mother, my husband, and my retail career led me to a career in floral and event design.  Growing up my mother entertained quite a bit.  Her 13 course Chinese dinners are legendary.  Before Martha Stewart became mainstream, my mother was that domestic diva who paid attention to small details like where a plate should be placed and how a napkin should be folded.  Watching her spend a week planning out a menu, setting a dining room table, and “primping” our modest house ruined me forever.    She taught me the essence of being a good hostess and for having an eye for small but important details which is so key in being a wedding floral and event designer.

My husband. Kevin “KC” Chin, whom I met while I was co-producing a wedding was in the wedding industry.  Though I was working in retail merchandising for bebe and later for Banana Republic, I was envious of his ability to create art through the medium of photography.  Being surrounded by creativity and loving all things beautiful, you can imagine that I had no better inspiration.Working in retail gave me the appreciation for all things fashion, art, beauty, pop culture, and interior design. If it had not been for my many jobs in store line management, buying, planning, I don’t know if I would have that sense for floral and event design. In many ways, merchandising a store or a collection uses many of the same skills as installing a big wedding.  Creating store displays or styling helps me in design space more effectively.  Selecting flowers and sourcing are fundamental skills in being a good floral buyer. You could say that if my mother and husband inspired me than my career in retail gave me the creative outlet to explore the practical side of floral art.”

Nancy refers to her  signature creations as “embodying a flirty, yet refined charm bursting with luxurious colors and breathtaking beauty. The weddings that I strive to create reflects my personal belief that weddings echo a couple’s personality, style and modern sensibilities.” I call them fabulous! Here are some images of her beautiful work coupled with some of the inspiration for it all.

Nancy’s Inspiration

“the before”Slide poppy and aquaImages from Martha Stewart and Internet search

“the after”

Real Wedding Nancy designed of Nishka and Carl images by Lisa Lefkowitznishka blog

Nancy’s vintage ballerina inspiration

“the before”ballet“Bouquet by artfool,invite and cake from About details and all others from internet search

“the after”

Real Wedding Nancy designed of Biana’s beautiful wedding photographed by Richard WoodBiana blog

My favorite bouquet and boutonniere I’ve seen that Nancy created! nancyphotographed by Nancy Liu Chin

Some of Nancy’s Amazing real weddingsstella bird themeAdorable bird themed wedding photographed  a friend of the bride and groom

tiffanyModern white opulence photographed by Brunk Photography

ansleyUptown plum chic photographed by Andrew Weeks Photography


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  1. i adore nancy’s style + eye…i also LOVE her blog! such great insight for all wedding floral designers out there! keep up the fab work nancy! xoxo

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