Real Wedding-Los Angeles Wedding With Unexpected Pops of Color

I love weddings with unexpected pops of color and this bride looks super cute in her turquoise jacket and red shoes! This Los Angeles wedding shot by Flory Photo is an amazing tribute to color without being excessive! There were over 1000 paper cranes incorporated in the wedding. I love that it not only adds a fun touch to the decor but also incorporates the brides heritage (cranes are a Japanese custom for good luck). And their library first look is so sweet! Amazing!



Venue: Occidental College
Photographer: Flory Photo
Florist: Mary Falkingham Floral Designs
Dress: J. Crew
Suit: J. Crew
Bridesmaids Dresses: Anthropologie
Planner: Occidental College
Caterer: Occidental College

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  1. I love this quaint little wedding scene, you just have to believe that they must have met in that same school library and fell in love. Her bridal gown is gorgeous with it’s sleeveless and looks adorable with her blue coat. The origami over 11,000 paper cranes, and love that scene with her bridal party of bridesmaids, the groom and the groom. The three photo shoots are wonderful with the blue and red shoes, one with the flowers and the one with the red and blue umbrella, LOL What a wonderful wedding this must have been.

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