Laid Back California Engagement Photos in the Venice Canals

These two are as sweet and cool as their laid back California engagement photos. From the Venice canals to the hills of Malibu, Greg Ross captured them and a beautiful story of their love for one another. But that hardly compares to the story from first kiss to proposal that the bride shares below…

The bride to be shares…

We were in 9th grade sitting on a beach pointing out the constellations above when we had our first kiss, so you could say it was written in the stars. From high school sweethearts in Atlanta, to attending the same college, we grew up together and grew more in love. After trekking around Europe for two months together after graduation, Drew was the first to make the move to Los Angeles, where we had always talked about living one day. Ten months (and 3,000 miles of driving) later, Emily joined Drew in Venice, California which has been our current home for the past 4 years.
The day we got engaged, both of our families were in town from Atlanta for a week to cheer us on in our first half marathon. On their last night in LA, we headed down to Crystal Cove for dinner. Drew was acting weird, which he said had something to do with work, and asked me to go on a walk on the beach so he could talk about it. I was kind of bummed this ‘work thing’ was getting to him on our parents’ last night, but I was trying to be supportive. As we got out on the beach, his demeanor changed and said “I didn’t bring you all the way out here to talk about work,” at which point I knew what was happening, but couldn’t believe it. I immediately started crying while Drew asked me to marry him. Drew surprised everyone with a rented beach house and we celebrated late into the night surrounded by family, with a moment looking up at the stars remembering how it all began.”


Love this as much as we do? Stay awhile for more inspiration for your engagement photos!

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