ABC’s Bachelorette Jillian Harris Engagement Photo Shoot


Its so exciting to be able bring to you the amazing ABC’s Bachelorette Jillian Harris engagement photo shoot with her fiancé Ed Swiderski. Many of you probably followed along like I did as Jillian weeded out the other contenders before deciding that  Ed  was the man for her. We laughed and we cried watching all of those episodes and now we’re fortunate  enough to have a glimpse of what its like for the two of them to enter our world of weddings!

Let me just say that when I first saw the images taken by the talented Wedded Bliss Photography duo Renee and Kate, I was inspired! I loved how Renee captured them; so real, comfortable and relate-able . Kind of reminds me of the US Weekly Magazine features: “Stars, they’re just like us” and especially now that she is a bride, to all of us wedding vendors, media, bloggers, and fans, we in the industry can relate on a whole new level. If you don’t feel like you knew them before I think these images tell a wonderful story about them. Aren’t they just so happy and cute? My favorite is the one where she is having a cup of tea bundled in her winter gear and laughing without a care.

I had the chance to catch up with Jillian yesterday and may I say- she couldn’t have been any more down to earth! She opened up to me and trusted me with the truth about her and Ed and what wedding planning has been like. We connected on so many levels. Most of what we talked about I choose not to share as I’d like to respect their privacy but I will share a few little snippets! Here are some excerpts from our lovely convo:

How has wedding planning been so far?

“Stressful! 80% of the time we just to do something small and private and make it our own.” I mentioned Molly and Jason & Trista and Ryan’s weddings and asked if doing something televised for their own wedding is out of the picture. She mentioned she had just talked to all of them about it and she’s not ruling it out. She just knows as both a bride and designer she wants it to be very inline with her personal taste and aesthetic. I told Ed he could be as involved or not involved as he wants to!”  She explained that Ed does want a say in some aspects but when it comes to minute décor and detail choices- he’s leaving that up to her design expertise.

Have they set a date?

She says no, not yet! They aren’t ready to commit to a date. Originally they were looking for Fall 2010 but now it maybe sometime next year. “I’m pretty sure I know where I want to do it, what I want to wear, and who I want to come, but that’s really it.”

Is there a wedding planner on board?

Yep! But she can’t say who just yet. That’s ok! I’m just so excited she is enlisting the help of a planner- Jillian totally gets it!

How did they choose their engagement session photographer and what was the inspiration behind the shoot?

“Wedded Bliss was always sweet and supportive of me back when I was on The Bachelor with Jason. I’ve loved her work and knew I wanted something both artistic and outdoors.” Winter is Jillian’s favorite time of year and being outside in the beautiful backdrop at home in Canada was the perfect setting.


Wedding Must Haves?

Being true to her small town roots and bringing in personal elements. She firmly belives that it’s not about making it commercialized by what everyone else wants them to do, its about them (so refreshing!) An 80’s band and also some great country music are in order. (I wonder if Wes will bring his band to come and sing? LOL) “I’m into country but Ed, not so much.”  She’s a fan of ivory hues, hydrangeas, and mason jars!  “I’m thinking backyard country with a feminine twist.” Plus being Green is a big part of her lifestyle and as a designer she enjoys finding ways to use reclaimed and sustainable items when she can.

Wedding Magazines She Reads for Inspiration?

She only had InStyle Weddings (RIP) and Martha Stewart Weddings (of course!) on hand, but I told her I’d send her a box of my favorites and list of wedding blogs that can inspire her too.  If any of you want to share your favorites here for Jillian, we’ll pass the list along!

Thanks again to Renee from Wedded Bliss Photography. You did a fabulous job and I wish nothing but success and good things to come your way. Looking forward to meeting you next month out here in California. Follow Renee on Twitter here.  Jillian, thank you for opening up your heart and for making time with me. Excited for what’s to come. To follow Jillian on her journey of wedding planning and life, click here.

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  1. I love Jillian and Ed! and all her charity stuff she does too. how gorgeous are they in the fall leaves?

  2. I LOOOOOOOVE Jillian! Here and Ed are adorable!
    Thanks so much for posting this, I can’t wait to read more about her wedding!! You better keep us updated if you hear anything else 🙂

  3. Thanks for the inside scoop!

    Jillian, cute pics with Ed! If Renee doesn’t shoot your wedding, I would LOVE to! 😀

  4. I saw this on Jillian’s twitter and HAD to come check this out. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Jillian, if you’re reading this I’m a big fan!

  5. Great pix! My favorites are the top one, the bottom one, and the one of Ed in the long black overcoat.
    Jillian is totally the best Bachelorette ever, and I wish she’d come back to TV again, somehow, somewhere! (Ed making comments in the background wouldn’t be bad, either.)

  6. can we talk about how cute she is in those boots and beanie?? omg. Love her in them. Ed’s not half bad either 🙂

  7. Great interview with Jillian! They look so happy and natural in the photos- which is always great to see for engagement photos. Beautiful colors too- love the lighting and editing!

  8. Such beautiful, natural pictures! I love how they capture the uniqueness of Jillian and Ed. You get a real sense of who they are and what they enjoy. Wedded Bliss did a great job.

    Enjoyed reading the blog as I liked learning all the background information. Thanks for the interview with Jillian.

  9. Ok, I have to comment because this is just too crazy! I randomly googled “Jillian Harris Wedding Engagement” today becuase I was just curious about what her plans are (I watched her on the Bachelorette). This was the first site that popped up and I saw this post was only posted today! I guess my celeb radar is pretty accurate!

    ANYWAY, love love love the pictures! I echo everyone else – the lighting, editing and coloring is fantastic! You can obviously tell how in looooove they are 😉

  10. Im such a fan Jillian and Ed and now I can totally relate to you as a bride to be too. Im getting married in November! Love the pictures- so talented.

  11. Love, love, love the pics. I absolutely enjoyed watching the Bachelorette and the journey you both took to find your way to one another. Such a true love story. Makes me very optimistic that I will find my true love at the appropriate time in my life. Again thank you for sharing this with all of us.

  12. So i’m totally obsessed with these pics! Adorable and so lovely! Jillian and Ed are a gorgeous couple and look so happy.
    So cool that you were able to get the scoop on her wedding plans and life after Bachelorette! 🙂

  13. The pictures are beautiful. Jillian is so cute,real looking,with a great sense of style. She was my favouite bachelorette. Ed is also very handsome and they make a great couple. Wishing them all the best for a successful future together.

  14. These are beautiful pictures! Congrats to the happy couple, and best wishes for a future full of joy, love and laughter!

  15. Great blog! I love her ideas about using the mason jars. And Martha Stewart is totally the go to magazine for everything!

  16. Thank you for allowing us into the personal lives of Jillian and Ed. It is so refreshing to see a couple actually make it on these reality shows. All the best to them.
    “Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing.” – unknown quote

  17. These pictures are wonderful! They are so warm-felt and joyful! I’ve very excited for Jillian and Ed. Thank you for sharing!

  18. they both have a great sense of style! i loved hearing about what its like planning her wedding- she is so easy to relate to.

  19. I just love these pictures! I loved watching Jillian and Ed on the bachlorette. Something about watching two people in love, well it just makes my heart melt! Anyways, Jillian if you’re out there and you get this message i would love to make you guys something special for your wedding day. I handcraft unique wedding decor and would love to make you something as a wedding gift. You can visit my website to see what i do. Make sure you visit the gallery to see things i’ve made in the past. My husband and i are also making beautiful centerpieces out of 170 year old reclaimed wood. I can send you pictures if you contact me. Best wishes and i look forward to hearing from you!
    Jennifer Yarbrough

  20. I love these pics…What a photographer!Ed and Jillian can’t be hard to photograph tho..The theme was beautiful and fitting to their personalities.I am keeping this website on files for anyone I know that is engaged or getting married ! Bravo to all!

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