Inspired by You Contest! Entry #2 Weddings Inspired by Reception Games

Today is the second entry in the series of Inspired by You contest posts! We will be posting the final entry next week and each remaining post will have the opportunity to generate as many comments as it can in a week before the next post goes live. The person with the most comments at the end wins the big prizes from Cupcakes Couture, Custom Programs, and Wedding Chicks!

Today’s Inspiration was submitted by Sandy! Sandy was inspired by activities and games you can play during your reception! I love this new trend in weddings and I think it’s just going to get bigger because interactive weddings are a big hit with guests! Games bring guests together and gives them something to do while taking a break from dancing.  Add one of these activities below and you will have a wedding people will be talking about for years!

Photo by Brent Van Auken

Photo by Chelsea Nicole

Photo by Clayton Austin

Photos by Erin Hearts Cort

photo by The Last Forty Percent Photography

Photo by Gabriel Ryan Photographers

Photo by Heather Kincaid photography

Photo by Hugh Forte

Photo by Matthew Morgan

Photo by Sloan Photography

Photo by Steep Street

Photo by We Love Pictures

37 responses to “Inspired by You Contest! Entry #2 Weddings Inspired by Reception Games

  1. Leila- why didn’t we do games for our wedding? Knowing now that we could’ve had games at the wedding I feel like I really got short changed 🙂

    Plus, you know that this would’ve been my dad’s dream wedding for us, right?

  2. at my sisters wedding we played a ping pong competition between the bridesmaids and groomsmen and it was so exciting! by the end of the competition, other guests watching were taking bets on who was to win!

  3. I feel so honored and inspired! These ideas are great and I can’t wait to see what festivities we decide on for our wedding. Leila, this blog is such a wonderful tool to brides to be like me! Thanks again!

  4. The cribbage board is really really cute. Games are a great idea, especially for guests who don’t like dancing. Fun idea, Sandy!

  5. These are some great games! A wedding is supposed to be a party, and what’s a party without games?!

  6. I agree with Krista, great entertainment! The emerging trends leading to more fun, engaging, and memorable weddings are super. Love it!

  7. Tony’s comment made me laugh. No worries though Leila, your wedding was still everything a girl could want and more!

  8. I love the ideas about the crossword puzzle as a table setting piece. Such a great way to start a conversation amongst tablemates.

  9. Never seen a bouquet toss like that before! Such a fun idea, i think i’ll copy it 🙂

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