Inspired by These Wedding Trends and Traditions That Will Never Go Out of Style

I find myself to be very classic and traditional in many ways and as my plan my own wedding I find that the less trendy, the more I like it. In a wedding planning world of vintage this, DIY that, and stressing to know the next trend before it happens and is over with before I even walk down the aisle- WELL, that’s a lot of pressure. I totally agreed with Kathryn from Snippet and Ink when she posted similar sentiments a few weeks back. She and I are on the same page. ( love her) Here is the lovely inspiration board below that she created to reflect brides that love some of the most tried and true traditions.

These are all images reflecting some of what I admire for wedding trends for the timeless bride.Inspiration board by Snippet and Ink

Father’s walking Daughters down aisle

Photo by Prairie Fire Images

Classic First Dance

Photo by Love Me Do


Photo by The Image is Found

White Gown and Black Tux

Photo by Jose Villa

Simple Wedding bands

Photo by Amelia Lyon

Sweet Tiered wedding cake

Photo by Millie Holloman


Photo by Meghan Aileen

Traditional Church Ceremony

Photo by Barnaby Draper

Simple Reception

Photo by Jessica Claire


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  1. i love the classic style of the cake in the first inspiration board… and the table settings in the last image. great photos and lovely inspiration.

  2. <>

    Leila, your white wedding vision is absolutely lovely. And an even more lovely reminder for brides to not get caught up in the pressure of “vintage this, DIY that…” not to mention trying to follow the next trend. There is so much beauty in keeping it simple, when every simple gesture and element is thoughtful. Thanks for this!

  3. I’m with you! I mean, traditions are traditions for a reason – they’ve been around for years and have outlasted all trends. Great reminder for all brides not to get caught up in all the hooplah!

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