Inspired by This Urban Wedding Love

I love when wedding or engagement photos are unconventional, at one point I thought if I never saw another bride and groom in jeans and white tops frolicking on the beach, it would be too soon. Although we are seeing it more and more and I really enjoy the juxtaposition of a bride and groom set against a harsh urban or industrial environment. It just makes for very visually interesting pictures and I always think the people in them must be hip and cool. Some of the locations below are so extremely random and just make me enjoy the shots even more. Thank you photographers for continually thinking outside of the wedding box and helping us to extend our visual palates with these urban weddings!

u8Photo by Shira Wienberger

love-graffitiFound on FLickr


3450087135_d21ac7b9e7Images by Sarah K Chen

terrellcolby147finalImage by Michael M Waite

Kate Headley PhotographyPhoto by Kate Headley

e0263_cat_timPhoto by Apertura

jakejoanne19Photo by Jenna Walker

susaneugeneBLOG006Photo by Our Labor of Love

Untitled-1 copyPhoto by Max Wanger

hyatt_regency_28Photo by Genevieve Nisly

jenclay_0007Photo by Alan Maudie

_MG_5082Photo by Perspectiveye

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