Pug Love Valentine’s Day Engagement

Talk about some serious puppy love!! Melissa and Greg are huge pug lovers (Munchie came first and Rocco was adopted second!) and couldn’t resist bringing them along for their engagement shoot! Our network member, Jodi Miller, took some adorable shots of this little family of four that are definitely Valentine’s Day worthy!

Melissa and Greg outfitted their pups in matching knit scarves (check out the hearts!!), which of course we can’t get enough of! Don’t they look so polished and so in love?!

From Melissa:

“For the engagement shoot, we got the adorable scarves from an Etsy store called All You Need Is Pug. I knew I wanted the pugs to coordinate with us and look their best without going over the top. The dog accessories can be made to fit any dog!”

We are obsessed!!

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  1. Oh My! I love this so much! She is a beautiful woman he is a handsome man. What an adorable shoot. Love this all the way around, and the pugs too!

  2. This dress is so beautiful! God! It’s too lovely! The train with the flower on the waist makes it look so elegant and charming. I like the one shoulder neckline too. The dress overall is a total hit. What’s so amazing is that it is so affordable. I just o

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