Intimate Courthouse Elopement

Lavish, over-the-top wedding celebrations are always a treat to scope out, but there’s just something about an intimate ceremony and celebration that tugs at our heart strings. This Orange County courthouse elopement by Lauren Scotti is brimming with sweet details!! A handful of close friends and family members shared this special moment with these two and proceeded to enjoy a lunch reception afterwards!

You have to admit, the bride’s BCBG accordion dress definitely takes the cake! How fun and flirty is it?! Her pink peony, scabiosa pod & succulent bouquet just pops against the blush layers… so gorgeous!

Be Prepared to Be Inspired…

The bouquet!! Lush peonies and gorgeous succulents, oh my!!

We can’t enough of this wedding dress!! So unique 🙂

  RELAUNCH - WEDDING - Lauren Scotti The small lunch reception had a rustic vibe… how cut are these initial flags?!



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