Fall and Pumpkin Outdoor California Wedding

This fall and pumpkin outdoor California wedding is what I like to call Fall perfection! The rich burgundy paired with orange, the cinderella, full moon and classic orange pumpkins, the pine cones, wood stumps, and the coffee berries in the bouquet. Heather and Anton were married in the tiny town of Butte Meadows at a tucked away cabin on a gorgeous piece of property. And the cherry on top of this Fall day were the grey skies, slight drizzle and  umbrella. Like I said, perfection!



22 responses to “Fall and Pumpkin Outdoor California Wedding

  1. Viewing these photos brings me right back to the beautiful setting and peaceful day of a fall celebration of love. Wouldn’t have changed a snapshot. loved it….

  2. After this wedding fall time has become my favorite time of the year. Beautiful vibrant colors against the muted outdoor colors. Loved the pictures.

  3. This wedding was captured beautifully by Heather Armstrong’s amazing creativity and expertise. Fall is my favorite time of year and these photos, location, and colors make me love it even more!

  4. Heather Armstrong “paints” with her ability to capture the essence of life and love through her lens…beautiful!

  5. Heather Armstrong has captured not only the beauty in the details and location of this amazing wedding, but also the love felt between Heather and Anton. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Naturally beautiful setting + outside-the-box thinking by the bride + the artistic flair of Cambray Rose and Heather Armstrong = a collage of strikingly beautiful memories.

  7. Absolutely stunning! Heather (D), your vision was executed perfectly and Heather (A), you did an amazing job capturing it! Love that your quest for a simple, personal and intimate fall celebration was successful. Not to mention how ecstatic we are for you and Anton!

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