Inspired by This Colorful Beach Destination I Do Shoot

This was such a fun shoot to be a part of!  Not only was the team of vendors we collaborated with beyond incredible and talented, but the inspiration was so bright and playful that we couldn’t wait to see what Beth Helmstetter came up with!  We headed up to Malibu to shoot on the sand with one of our faves, Braedon Flynn, who captured everything on film.  The entire shoot had a cool vintage, Endless Summer vibe with colored adirondack chairs, huge yellow striped beach umbrellas, and the perfect turquoise beach cruiser.  The bride wore one short and one long Kirstie Kelly wedding gown and the bridesmaids wore fun, mismatched ModCloth dresses that went along perfectly with all the bright, gorgeous florals by Dolce Designs Studio.  We can never get enough of big, beautiful peonies over here!

Be Prepared to Be Inspired…


0287_Destination_BraedonFlynn 0110_Destination_BraedonFlynn 0175_Destination_BraedonFlynn 0136_Destination_BraedonFlynn 0104_Destination_BraedonFlynn 0347_Destination_BraedonFlynn 0351_Destination_BraedonFlynn 0024_Destination_BraedonFlynn 0339_Destination_BraedonFlynn Dest I Do - beach shoot-005 Dest I Do - beach shoot (2) 0177_Destination_BraedonFlynn Dest I Do - beach shoot-001 0017_Destination_BraedonFlynn
Dest I Do - beach shoot-009 WEDDING SHOOT - Braedon DID beach-003 0084_Destination_BraedonFlynn Dest I Do - beach shoot-003 Dest I Do - beach shoot-002 0362_Destination_BraedonFlynn 0381_Destination_BraedonFlynn 0195_Destination_BraedonFlynn 0387_Destination_BraedonFlynn 0184_Destination_BraedonFlynn Dest I Do - beach shoot-008 0129_Destination_BraedonFlynn WEDDING SHOOT - Braedon DID beach-001 WEDDING SHOOT - Braedon DID beach 0312_Destination_BraedonFlynn WEDDING SHOOT - Braedon DID beach-002 Dest I Do - beach shoot-007 0169_Destination_BraedonFlynn 0189_Destination_BraedonFlynn t=”0197_Destination_BraedonFlynn” src=”” width=”600″ height=”396″/> Dest I Do - beach shoot-006 0203_Destination_BraedonFlynn 0201_Destination_BraedonFlynnDesktop62


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