Bohemian Barn Ojai Valley Wedding

Another day, another amazing event with images by Braedon Flynn!  This wedding might just take the cake as one of our favorite barn weddings of all time!  Niall is from Ireland and Kelly is from England and their laid-back style mixed with their amazing fashion sense made this wedding over the top amazing.  The bride and groom used their bohemian, whimsical taste to create a night that was uniquely them and simple, yet charming.  We love his groom style with the gingham shirt and brown printed vest and pants and her dress totally has us green with envy!  She even helped to co-create it with designer Miss Tashina…extra cool points!

You can also see their Ojai Valley Inn and Spa wedding featured in Brides California magazine, we loved helping to get it on stands!

Be Prepared to Be Inspired…


Kelly and her bridesmaids remind us of Kate Moss’ bridal party!


Both their styles…amaze!


How gorgeous is Kelly!?  You might recognize her…she’s a host on the Style Network and an actress, musician, and model from the UK!

WEDDING - Braedon Flynn 0042_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography

We’re obsessed with this picture!  How cute is this non-traditional “first look”!?

0156_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0066_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0065_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0176_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography

Her ring is so unique and gorgeous and that owl held the diamond earrings she wore!

0121_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0117_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0118_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography

We’re always a huge fan of the first look!  It gives the bride and groom some time to calm their nerves and always results in gorgeous images like this!

0011_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0084_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0083_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0087_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography WEDDING - Braedon Flynn-005

Guests signed this leather bound journal and gave personal well-wishes to the couple

WEDDING - Braedon Flynn-003

Loving the wild flower style of the bouquets and head pieces, totally adds to their bohemian flair

0149_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0151_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0014_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0016_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0108_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0101_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0086_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0073_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0076_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0079_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0102_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0077_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0081_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography WEDDING - Braedon Flynn-002 0055_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography WEDDING - Braedon Flynn-001 0023_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0047_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography

0045_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0059_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography
WEDDING - Braedon Flynn-004 0158_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0163_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0125_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography 0134_KellyNaill_BraedonPhotography