Inspired by These Succulents for Your Wedding

I love succulents, they are the perfect alternative for a bride who isn’t a big flower fan or a modern edgy bride. Succulents are also a very low maintenance plant as well. Whether you live in the desert or the snow, succulents will hold up beautifully and make your decor seem fresh and organic.  They are perfect in bouquets, cake, hair, stationery…the possibilities are endless!  And of course the pop of green makes everything a little bit better!  Mix them up with some color or leave them to speak for themselves in some great rustic pots, either way they’re always a hit.

Be Prepared to Be Inspired by succulents for your wedding


Photo by Hollye Schumacher Photography

Photo by Clayton Austin Photography

via Floral Grubb

via Flora and Fauna

Photo by Boutwell Studio

Photo by Leo Patrone

Via JL Designs

Photo by Clary Photo

Photos by Stephanie Williams 

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