Inspired By Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue


One tried and true wedding tradition that I don’t see going anywhere anytime soon is the old adage, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Here is my take on some items that I might consider using as my token pieces. I would love to hear from my married readers about what you ladies used to fulfill each category.

Something Old: Even if not all of the items below are old they are all classic or vintage inspired

Collage made on Polyvore

Something New:  The ring or other bling may be your something new but how about considering these other items

Tiffany’s box found on Brand Channel, and I Do Underwear from Hanky Panky

Something Borrowed: You can borrow something from a friend or family member any time but a wedding is the perfect time to contact Adorn Brides to borrow some of their stunning and sparkly gems

Adorn Jewels

Something Blue: I think sometimes this is the area many brides find most challenging but the below are all great options to tie in a bit of bridal blue

Collage made on Polyvore

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  1. For my own wedding my ‘something blue’ was our initials and wedding date sewn in blue thread on one of the under-layers of my dress. A blue accent piece wouldn’t have worked well with our color pallet.

  2. Hi Leila, As a wedding planner with an eye for detail, I carry a favorite antique broach with blue stones with me to every wedding. Before I send the bride down the aisle, I ask her if she would like to pin the broach on the ribbon wrapping the stems of her bouquet. I always say: “It’s something old, it’s something blue, and it’s something borrowed – so that means it needs to be returned to me!” 😉

    The brides love it and I have always enjoyed seeing all the different ways that the photographers’ capture the broach on the bride’s bouquet.

  3. It was so difficult as a wedding planner, to not fall into the cliche of it all. I think my most meaningful something old was my mom’s wedding ring. I wore it on my right hand. I wanted to make sure she was close to me.

    My something blue was two fold: It’s a beautiful ring I’ve worn for the longest I can remember. It’s sterling silver with a beautiful blue stone (not sure of the stone). My seamstress did end up adding an embroidered satin scrap with my husbands and my name and wedding date.

    My borrowed was a beautiful brooch that I used on my wedding bouquet.

    My new was my wedding dress and jewelry.

    I did have a sixpence for my shoe! 🙂

  4. As a wedding planner, I often bring my brides a basket of “blueberry” muffins on their wedding day to enjoy while they are getting dressed. I like the idea of sewing your new initials in blue somewhere hidden on dress. I’ve also seen a piece of the mother’s wedding dress either sewn under the bride’s dress of use it as a handkerchief or wrap your bouquet with it instead of ribbon!

  5. I’m currently on the hunt for some cute blue shoes that are fun to wear on my wedding day! My bridesmaids are in cobalt so those shoes would be great! Do you know who makes them? I need some help finding some cute ones!

  6. My something old, borrowed and blue was my aunt’s vintage saphire and diamond wedding ring. I wore it on my right hand hand. It was stunning and so special!

  7. As a photographer, I love seeing brides with something “old” that is meaningful as part of their look, such as a family heirloom. It always adds something special and personal to the occasion. I love the blue shoes too!

  8. I’m loving the vintage inspired goodies! I’m already married, but now I really want to go shopping. The blue shoes are really great too. Thanks for continuing to “inspire”… you ladies are awesome!

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