Inspired by These Plaid Infused Weddings

As many of you have probably heard on the news, and all of you in SoCal know, our seasons seemed to have gotten mixed up! Fall came in June/July/Aug with cloudy skies and cool days, but Summer just showed up this week with sunshine and temps in the 100’s! I think we’re all a little confused by the weather… but that has led to some plaid inspiration. In our opinion, plaid is the perfect transition from summer to fall (or from fall to summer for us backwards Californians!). Light, colorful plaid is perfect for a summer and dark, hearty plaid warms up any fall wedding. I love the laid-back, casual feeling of plaid – it’s perfect for a backyard wedding no matter the season. Whether you’re celebrating your Scottish heritage or just love the look, we’re all mad about plaid infused weddings!

Found at ModCloth

Found at Anthropologie

Photos by Ash Imagery

Dress by Diane Lewis Bridal

Photos by Gabriel Ryan

Photo by Jamie Delaine

Photo by Jonas Peterson

Photo by Love Ala

Photo by One Love Photo

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