Inspired By NBC’s The Office! Pam and Jim’s Wedding

“That’s what she said” is the popular phrase said by The Office’s Michael Scott. I am almost 100% sure it isn’t one that Pam and Jim will incorporate into their wedding vows… although they are pretty comical so one really cant be certain. Between buying Pam a home and creating a little art studio for her, I am pretty sure Jim will let Pam have her fairy tale wedding this season and she will not win the “engaged the longest” award at the “Dundies” ever again. It was nice to find out last episode that although Pam is carrying Jim’s baby, this will be no shotgun wedding.  I would love to be a guest at their nuptials as I am sure Michael will make an unsolicited toast, Dwight will wear short sleeves regardless of the weather and the apparel requested on the invite and Andy will probably offer an A Capella version of a very outdated wedding song. Below you can see all the delightful details as I imagine them. Pam will surely be in something classic but by no means too prissy and Jim will look just as effortlessly dashing as ever. It will be a wedding Like Scranton, PA has never seen before. Be sure to check our Pam and Jim’s wedding website!

The Love BirdsThe-Office-Jim-Pam_lFound on

A classic Dress for PamAAAAApCId7MAAAAAAMU0Igdress by Jim Hjelm

Classic accessories for PamPam and Jim's Wedding DetailsVeil by Sara Gabriel, Pearls found on Adorn, Bouquet by JL Designs, Photo by Stephanie Williams

Jim’s Standard dorky-chicJim Suit

An understated dress for the bridesmaids, much to Kelly’s dismayBridesmaid DressBridal party outfits found on JCrew

Dwight’s Signature Short sleevesDwight ShirtPhoto found on Manolo for Men

A traditional church for their ceremony (they decided against Schrute farms)Little White ChurchPhoto found on Flickr

Vetoed reception siteDSC_3819Found on

Clean and simple reception tables15Photo by Marisa Holmes, Found on The Bride’s Cafe

The reception2573763239_858c1b2f5bPhoto by Punam Bean, Found on OnceWed

A traditional cake with garden accentswin97_fondant_cake_xlFound on Martha Stewart


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  1. This is so funny! I love it. I think Jim will look VERY cute in his “dorky-chic” suit (although I think the term “geek chic” is a little nicer) 🙂 And I can only IMAGINE the hilarity that will ensue from the toasts at the wedding. Can’t wait!! Thanks for getting us all pumped up!

  2. uuummm… i love you for this. we did “the dundies” at our rehearsal dinner… that’s how obsessed i am. as long as Phyllis doesn’t wed-nap her wedding plans again it will be glorious!!!

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