Inspired by These Mix and Match Bridesmaids Dresses

Bridesmaids dresses… you either love them or you hate them! Sometimes they can be the most amazing complement to any wedding decor and other times they can be the ugliest dress you’ve ever seen ( sorry to say it but its true. You’ve seen the movie 27 dresses right?)! When are you ever going to wear that hideous thing again? What I love is when a bride gives her maids the creativity to choose their own dresses with mix and match bridesmaids dresses. They can give some guidelines like stay in a certain color, or style, but other times I’ve seen a dress free for all where the bridesmaid gets to pick whatever dress she wants. I think that it gives the wedding such a personal flare by incorporating the styles or color preferences of the bridal party members involved. Besides who wants to see 7 hot pink matching evening gowns in every picture? Well, maybe some people do 🙂

Take a look below to see some of our favorite bridesmaids looks.

Photo by Elizabeth Messina

How gorgeous are these shades of green bridesmaids gowns! Did you notice Rachel Bilson is one of the bridesmaids? So pretty!

Photo by Erin Hearts Court

So pretty how they not only mixed bridesmaids dress colors but the design of each lady’s dress varies, too! Some have the sweetheart neckline and others have straps!

Photo by Flory Photo

How adorable do the guys look with their matching ties?

Photo by Heather P. Moore

LOVE how each bridesmaid has a different style and it shows through their dress designs–great mix of casual and formal greens!

Photo by Leigh Miller

Look at how beautiful the patterns of the bridesmaids dresses are!

Photo by Jose Villa

These soft bridesmaids gowns are to die for…You can never go wrong with Blush and Gray hues!

Photo by Max Wanger

These ladies are having so much fun! See how each one’s style is shown through their own unique gown but all the dresses are in the same shade so it still matches.

Photo by The Image is Found

These ladies mixed up their ruffles but kept the dresses in the same gray family!

Photo by Jose Villa

Photo by Millie Holloman

Photo by Stephanie Williams

How pretty are these plum and purple gowns! Love the different shades of purple in this bridal party!

Photo by Aaron Shintaku

Brighten up a wedding with these yellow bridesmaids dresses! Notice how they weren’t afraid to play with textures by picking different gown materials!

Photo by Max Wanger

14 responses to “Inspired by These Mix and Match Bridesmaids Dresses

  1. Leila – Such a fantastic post! I’m a huge advocate for the mix & match theme since it allows everyone’s style and creativity to come through. Plus it really makes the big day even more special. For my own wedding, I let my MOH (it was a small wedding) pick out her dress since I wanted her to comfortable and beautiful on that day. And the proof is in the photos! ; )

  2. i agree… we dont want anymore of those 27 Dresses horror stories. I have 2 in my closet that could be made into drapes if i wanted to 🙂

  3. When this is done well, I love it so much! These are such great examples and it’s nice that the bridesmaids don’t look like soldiers. It adds such a nice sentiment that each girl is different, and unique. It makes the bridesmaids seem that much more special.

  4. Itotally agree with @happy diamonds because it could be a total disaster if the bridesmaids dont have good taste and they wear whatever they want. Hopefully the bride knows her wedding party well enough to know what they’d come up with if she’s giving them that much freedom, but ive experienced weddings where this obvioulsy was not the case!

  5. Such a great post. I have a bride with a peacock themed wedding, this would be such a great idea for that as there are so many rich colors in the peacock tail.

  6. Fantastic photos! My best friend is getting married on Saturday and we all have different coloured blue dresses in three different styles. I know she was a little nervous about how it was going to look but these photos just assure me it’s going to be beautiful!

  7. My friend is getting married and we are having a hard time finding the color she wants in bridesmaids dresses. The first picture on your site is what we are looking for. Photo by Elizabeth Messina. The sage and peridot green mix. Ever site we dont know how true to the color is so not wanting to order. Do you know where those dresses came from.

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