Inspired by This “Middle East Meets MidWest” Engagement Party


leila's engagement inspiration

Its finally here! This weekend is our engagement party. What a long time coming… Our closest friends and family are making the journey near and far to be here with us! Seems kind of crazy to be throwing this kind of extravaganza for only the engagement party but my thought is:

a) I’m the first to get married in our family so its kind of a big deal!

b) You only get one of these so why not make it FABULOUS?

c) Since being in the wedding industry for so long I love so many different themes, styles, ideas that I figure I need to have a wedding event for each of them so i can enjoy them all RIGHT?

Since I am Lebanese and my fiance is from the Midwest, the theme is  Middle East meets Midwest, (although to be honest it’s way more Middle Eastern influenced but he loves Lebanese food and belly dancing so we’re good!) I am so inspired by my heritage and am including a lot of Middle Eastern and Moroccan elements into the party including a hookah station, belly dancers, fruit and tea station, and delicious Lebanese cuisine. After spending a week in Lebanon where my father is from I am even more  inspired by all things from the Middle East! My dad says its more of a Middle East fusion, so it will have a little bit of him, some of my fiance Tony, and some of my touches in there as well. It will have some classic western style mixed with a taste from the east. People have been asking us who is doing what to help make this event really come together. I can finally share it with you:

I would like to thank all of the amazing wedding and event friends who are coming together to make this happen for us: Carissa from JL Designs who will be doing the flowers and event design (which I am WAY too excited about!), Melody from the Sweet and Saucy Shop-I can’t wait to see the cake she helped dream up with  my sister Kellee! Barnaby (and Nicole) from Barnaby Draper photographyElysium Productions who will be capturing all of the special moments on video, Wildflower for their amazing linens, Kristy from Momental who will be crafting a surprise sign,  Mimio Papers who made our gorgeous invitations, Raj Tents and the wonderful Carolyn Chen from The Special Day who is my planner. Thank God for her! This girl is so organized. I could not have pulled it off without her meticulous attention to details that I just didn’t have the time for. She is AMAZING!

Turquoise and hot pink pavilion

Middle East Engagemant party color swatch

photoshoot july 08 086Photo by Amorology

Some Delicious Middle Eastern food

Middle EastPhotos found on Morsels and Musings, My Wonderful World, Toni Soueid, Channels

Hookahhookah-loungePhoto found on Cheap Delhi Hotels

Tented Moroccan stylefig_03Photo found on Green Wedding Shoes

Belly Dancersblue_weddingPhoto found on Raks-Sarki

There will be a lot of lanterns and candle lightJose villaPhoto by Jose Villa

Look at all of these beautiful glass lanterns!ACF97A3Photo by Jessica Claire

Stay tuned for some sneak peaks of our party… thanks again to all of our blog readers for your support. This is such an exciting time for me and all of us at Be Inspired PR!


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  1. I am so excited to celebrate Leila’s engagement. The dream team of vendors is going to ensure a spectacular event!

  2. Congrats Leila, so Inspiring!!!! I’m loving all the details and the heritage connection, so great to incorporate into your unique event. Have a great time—Cheers!

  3. This looks amazing Leila! are you doing this at your home? wow…SO fun! love the hookah too! enjoy! xo

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