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Here goes part II of my bridal shower blog hijacking! ( you can see Part I here) So planning an event for a wedding expert was not easy! I mean come on…my sister as many of you know, has a very specific style and an eye that is very discerning. Carissa of JL Designs and I went back and forth discussing a theme that was unique  that still incorporated some of Leila’s all time favorites. I was able to sneak a couple pages out of Leila’s inspiration binder (yes she has one!) that has tons of magazine clippings she has been collecting for years.

We wanted to use a color palette that is totally different from her engagement party and her wedding, so we chose a peachy, blush, and dusty rose for Leila’s bridal shower. We wanted the décor to be fun, feminine, but have a classic signature look.  Some of you may or may not know Leila loves peonies and parrot tulips, Carissa will be incorporating tons of them throughout the event.  The lockets are part of the “L is for…” theme that will be incorporated into the décor and games! So much fun I don’t want to ruin he surprise but for now take a look at the images Carissa, Courtney, and I used as inspiration for tomorrows event!

Found on Style Me Pretty

Found on Flickr

Photos by Sarah K. Chen, Florals by JL Designs

Pulled from past issues of Martha Stewart Weddings

Pulled from past issues of Martha Stewart Weddings

Pulled from past issues of Martha Stewart Weddings

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  1. I LOVE the Just Married sign inside the little cubby holes, that is soo creative! And my brother/sister in law were actually at Ellie Chen’s bday party, so that’s really neat to see this picture on here!!!

  2. I can only imagine how beautiful the shower is going to be!! I’m so sorry I can’t be there to witness it all for myself. I’ll be there in spirit though. Thanks to Kellee and Carissa for all of their amazing creativity and hard work!! xo

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