Inspired by These Just Before Sunset, Wedding Photos that Glow

Ah, summer! I love that it stays light till after 8pm and I especially love it during wedding season! Photographers have extra time to take pictures of the bride and groom in soft, natural light. The extra illumination also makes it seem like the wedding lasts longer! Some of my favorite images of weddings are ones that photographers take just before the sun sets as the hint of orange light  and warmness makes the bride and groom glow and creates wedding photos that glow. Below are some of my favorite images I’ve seen of that magic hour just before the sun goes down.

Photo by EP Love

Photo by Jeff Newsom

Photo by Jessica Johnston

Photo by Jessica Johnston

Photo by Leigh Miller

Photo by Max Wanger

Photo by Our Labor of Love

Photo by Simply Bloom

Photo by Susan Stripling

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  1. oooh…. such beautiful light! wow these photographers are good, but they do get to shoot some pretty cute couples too 🙂

  2. so dreamy and beautiful. i really like the simply bloom image. the light is only like this for such a short time in the evening, i wish it lasted longer!

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