Inspired by These Colorful Wedding Nails

What’s one of the first things you do after you get engaged, besides telling your family and friends? Usually it’s get your nails done! So many people are going to be taking a peek at your new shiny sparkler so you want your nails to look their best! One of my favorite trends for weddings lately has been colorful wedding nails – whether it’s soft pinks, or bold reds and greys… your nails are really going to pop!

Be Prepared to Be Inspired…

Photo by Samantha Maber

Photo by Aaron Snow

Photo by Arrow & Apple

Photo by Arrow & Apple via Green Wedding Shoes

Photo by Brooke Courtney

Photo by Kate Harrison

Photo by Our Labor of Love

Photo by Jagger Photo

Photo by Tec Petaja

44 responses to “Inspired by These Colorful Wedding Nails

  1. I love colored nails on brides & I just experimented with nail shields & it’s definitely something I will be referring to clients for extra flavor & style!!

  2. Love this post & I actually blogged about the same topic today with my experience with Jamberry nail shields & how brides can incorporate them. Love color & design!!!

  3. does anyone know, or have a guess as to which colour the bride is wearing in the first photo? I love grays and tans and i feel like that colour has a bit of both. I wouold love to find the exact brand and colour!

  4. Just got married over the long weekend, and have to say I HIGHLY recommend the OPI gel polish, its cures under a UV light and lasts for 2 weeks without wrecking the nail underneath, and NO CHIPS! I did mine “Italian Love Affair” a soft pink.

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