Inspired By These Cold Weather Brides

The first day of winter is coming up quickly! Doesn’t it seem like we were just kicking off fall?!  I’m so excited for the official start of a new season and the shorter colder, days! I know that doesn’t mean much coming from a California girl, but I really do enjoy the sweaters, coats, and scarves. Winter and cold weather brides have their own style and I really enjoy seeing what they wear to keep warm, especially during those frigid outdoor portraits!

Photo by Stephanie Williams

Photo by Ben Blood

Photo by Anna Kuperberg

cc20Photo by Kortnee Kate

rb-14Photo by Lucinda-Photography

Photo by Leo Patrone

ACF8C31Photo by Annie X

upimage_1239914923_22Photo by James Christianson

Photo by Erin Hearts Court

Photo by Erin Hearts Court

Photo by Jeremy Lawson

Photo by Braedon Weddings

11 responses to “Inspired By These Cold Weather Brides

  1. I love this whole post, ecspecially the picture of the couple in the snow surrounded by trees! I am going to be a winter bride in two weeks and it is getting me excited to bundle up and get married!

  2. love the shrug on the bride in the last picture!! girly and chic, but not too much to add to a beautiful dress!

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