Inspired by These Bow Ties Worn at Weddings!

We love brides and grooms with unique style, and we think bow ties worn at weddings on grooms are so cute!  We blogged one of our more colorful and fun weddings by Jesi Haack and Aaron Shintaku awhile back and they couple was all about the bowties (check it out here). We got so excited when we saw those we had to do a post just dedicated to BOWTIES! They can be worn in a formal setting or a more casual setting. The only tricky thing about them is tying them… be honest, how many of you can?! We’ve added a helpful guide below to help out. BUT most of you probably get the pre-tied ones? let us know!

tie-a-bow-tie-0508-lg1Found on The Local Crank

bow tiesTies by XOElle, Found at her Etsy Shop

Photo by Our Labor of Love

LLC9001Photo by Kathi Lettwin

Photo by Clayton Austin

STAFFORD_WEDDING0042Photo by Carla Ten Eyck

Photo by Tec Petaja

Photo by Jonas Peterson

Photo by Our Labor of Love

Photo by Erin Hearts Court

Photo by Matthew Morgan

Photo by Aaron Shintaku see the whole wedding here

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  1. For my wedding, the groom wore a bow tie and the groomsmen all wore regular, I love it when people mix it up!

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