Ethereal Blush Cliffside Elopement

Be it the whimsy of the the bride’s baby pink dress or the romance of the wind, this ethereal blush cliffside elopement has swept us away! Each of Cassie Xie’s photographs is more stunning than the last, all together making for a ravishingly beautiful shoot. Melissa & Kellen could be figure paintings in front of a perfect seaside backdrop. And really, nothing compares to the magic of the view!

Cassie shares, On top of a series of jagged cliffside hills in Point Reyes, an area known for being one of the most windblown places on the entire West coast, Melissa and Kellen whispered promises to one another and let the wind carry them away…

The incredible greenery of the area, paired with the crashing waves down below, transported us to some otherworldly place where these two lovers could escape alone. I was so inspired by the powerful connection between Melissa and Kellen; they both lead fast-paced, incredibly full lives and their love for adventure and one another is expressed in every wind-whipped image.

This set was shot as part of Tyler Rye’s California Coast workshop. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to see the incredible stylings of Smitten Kiss come together with the romance of Claire La Faye’s gown and Vo Floral Design’s arrangements. 

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  1. Absolutely stunning! Those views and that windswept dress and hair are just too perfect! Gorgeous shots Cassie!

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