DIY Streamer Chandeliers

We made these streamer chandeliers for an event this spring and they were a show stopper! The white crepe paper streamers created a full and ethereal looking hanging centerpiece to decorate our space. Better yet.. they were really easy to create! We used store-bought hula hoops and paper streamers and voila! You know we can’t do any DIY without a little gold – so we tied on some thin gold foil streamers too to add our IBT flair. You can make these in whatever color scheme you like – just switch out the whit paper streamers for colored, or use a combination of both! Make one as a chandelier for your room or nursery, or multiple for a fun party or event!

What You Need:

Hula Hoop
Thick White Tape
Paper Streamers
Twine or Rope to hang

DIY Streamer Chandeliers


1. Cover the hula hoop in white tape so that none of it shows. We had hot pink hula hoops so this was necessary, but if you pick one in a color that suits your them, you can skip this step!

DIY Streamer ChandeliersDIY Streamer Chandeliers

2. Cut equal pieces of streamers depending on how far down you want your chandelier to hang. We used aprox. 3 ft pieces.

3. Tie one end onto the hula hoop, and continue until the hula hoop is surrounded.

DIY Streamer Chandeliers DIY Streamer Chandeliers

DIY Streamer Chandeliers


4. Tie the rope or twine to four equidistant parts of the hula hoop, gather in the center, and hang!



DIY Streamer Chandeliers


DIY Streamer Chandeliers

Photo by Brian Tropiano


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