DIY Dip Dyed Bouquet Ribbons & Table Runner

Bouquet ribbons have become a necessity for your wedding day. They’re a great way to incorporate your wedding colors and add interest to your bridal look as they flow in front of your gown. But just because we think they’re a must have, doesn’t mean you have to spend a substantial part of your budget on them! DIYs for your wedding can be hit or miss, but these DIY dip dyed bouquet ribbons are so easy to execute – and execute well! While you’re at it, you may as well dye the table runners too, right?! We promise this project won’t add any unnecessary stress, but instead will be a fun activity to do with your bridesmaids or family members leading up to the big day!

With Rit dye you can achieve a library of colors to easily match the rest of your wedding palette. We love soft mauve and pops of coral for a spring wedding, so we chose to create Coral, Pink Coral, and Silver Peony bouquet ribbons as well as a Silver Peony Table Runner. To do so, we mixed a few different dyes (like we said, you can easily achieve whatever color you’re going for by mixing dyes from Rit’s already wide assortment of shades). Follow along below to see how we did it and how you can easily create your own ribbons and/or table runners for your big day!

What You Need:

Liquid Rit All Purpose Dye, we used Coral, Petal Pink, Golden Yellow, and Tan
Linen Table Runner
Cotton Ribbon
Container deep enough to hold 2 gallons of water, we used this one
Small bowls or containers to hold 2 cups of water
Paper towels
Clothes pins

Table Runner


1. Wet the runner and wring out the water.

2. Roll the table runner end to end length wise

3. Fill the container with 2 gallons hot water (140F)

4. Then add RIT dye to the water according to these instructions to achieve the Silver Peony color and stir. We modified the recipe slightly using 1 tbsp Tan, 1/2 tbsp Petal Pink, and a drop of Golden Yellow in 2 gallons of water. 

5. Dip one end of the rolled up table runner into the dye bath, soaking it ⅔ of the way

6. Once the desired color is reached (remember it will dry lighter than it looks!), remove runner. Wearing rubber gloves, squeeze out excess dye.

7. Turn and repeat by dipping the other side of the runner until desired color is achieved. Then remove and squeeze out excess dye.

8. Rinse runner in cold water until water begins to run clear, then hang to dry

**Save the dye bath for one of your ribbons. Note: it may need reheating when you reach that step.

Bouquet Ribbons


1. Cut the spool of ribbon into thirds, creating 3 ribbons just over 3 ft. long

2. Wet the ribbons and wring out the water.

3. Fold each ribbon in half and clip a clothespin at the center for dipping

4. Create 2 dye baths for your chosen colors. Start with 1 cup hot water in each.

5. For Coral bath: Mix in 1 tbsp Coral

6. For Pink Coral dyebath: Mix in 1 tbsp Petal Pink, ½ tbsp Tan, and a drop of Coral. Stir Well

7. Dip one ribbon in the Silver Peony bath you created for the table runner (the dye bath does need to be hot, so you may need to reheat it if it has cooled down) by holding the clothespin and slowly dipping the ribbon from ends until you reach the clothespin. Soak.

8. Let the ends soak longer to create an ombre effect

9. Repeat with the other ribbons, one in the Coral bath, one in the Pink Coral bath. Remove ribbons and squeeze out excess dye.

10. Rinse ribbons under cold running water, until water begins to run clear.

11. Let ribbons dry on paper towels and then hang to dry.

We are obsessed with this color palette! But, like we said, you can choose from so many options when using Rit to match your preferences. Just scroll through the color formulas and pick and choose, or create your own combination!

Are you getting married this spring? What are your wedding colors? 


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