Burgundy Beach Wedding in the Caribbean

If you have ever considered a destination wedding you will want to hear from this couple! The pair explains why Punta Cana was perfect for their burgundy beach wedding in the caribbean. Plus, they show us just how fabulous it turned out (and it’s truly fabulous!). From an intimate ceremony to oceanfront portraits, to a vibrant and fun reception, we think they nailed it.

There were several reasons we chose a destination wedding. First of all, we have a big family and we go to 5-10 weddings every year since we’ve been together. We knew we wanted to give our guests a whole experience.

If you couldn’t tell, I LOVE fresh florals and greenery. I also love planning parties and decorating – and I just know to have what I wanted it would have cost me an absolute fortune to attempt on my own. I’m not a “some decor here and there” type of woman – I’m the “all the decor” type! We’d been to a lot of other nice weddings, some more memorable than others, but we wanted ours to feel special, and like OURS. In our personal lives, we knew we wouldn’t have a lot of the traditional aspects, so we decided to go completely non-traditional, and own it!

Another big factor was that I can be a perfectionist, which drives me nuts at times, and I just knew I wouldn’t have the time or energy to devote to my own wedding myself, so I found the best of the best to do it for me so that I didn’t have to stress over it, and still know everything was going to be absolutely perfect – which it was!

Adam and I both like the rich, deep, jewel tones. I wanted to do something different than I’d seen in the past, and those were just my favorite colors to look at. I knew the one thing I did not want to budge on whatsoever was the florals. In my opinion, it’s always the one thing that stands out to me most at a wedding. Just the living, pure, natural beauty. We also went with some more rustic themes, and I think that is because we both grew up in the country and our country roots run deep!

A few late night surprises included a mildly-embarrassing, somewhat-proud performance by myself and a few of my friends singing “I Wanna Know”, and almost the entire wedding guest list jumping into the pool in their underwear just to cool down. Although this meant all of our hair and makeup was somewhat trashed after this moment – it was a complete game changer for our group. We were all SO sweaty and sticky that it was uncomfortable (my dress was sticking to my legs). Everyone was seriously ready to PARTY after that – before they hardy wanted to move.

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