Banff, Canada Vow Renewal

This couple decided to return to the spot of their honeymoon along with their family to renew their commitment to one another. Their Banff, Canada vow renewal couldn’t be more beautiful! Banff is something straight out of a fairytale and combined with its sentiment, it’s no wonder Vanessa & PJ chose it for this special occasion. They shared their vows with one another and their nearest and dearest in front of the picturesque mountain backdrop at twilight. That spectacular site is exactly what inspired the ceremony, decor, and desserts. Below, Jennie of Guenard Photography, describes the day in further detail and all the magic that ensued…

I’m so excited to share this Vow Renewal for Vanessa & PJ. It was almost 13 years after their wedding date, and they are still so adorably in love after more than a decade and two beautiful children. They chose to renew their vows because they have only one wedding photo in their home, taken by a guest, because their photographer had simply disappeared with all of the film by the time they had returned from their honeymoon. They had one single photograph to remember their sweet day of commitment by.

It was an intimate event with only Vanessa and PJ’s two young children, her parents, and a few close friends. They wanted to focus on what mattered most to them, so they kept it small and simple. They exchanged vows at a secret, lakeside location in Banff, Canada, where there were a few vintage chairs set up for guests, and incredible desserts laid out, using boulders for a table.

The inspiration behind the whole evening was the mountains at twilight, just as the sun has set, when the view looks like a watercolor as all of the distant layers of mountains on the horizon turn blue. Everything followed this inspiration, from the Halo gown with layers of sheer blue material, designed by Elizabeth Dye, to the hand painted chocolates, custom gourmet popsicles, and the mountain scene cake, not to mention the location and time of day.

We all watched as the sun set and witnessed Vanessa & PJ’s sweet words. They are two of the kindest people I’ve ever met, and their love runs as deep as the blue of a mountain lake, the kind of love newly-weds dream of, and that only years of marriage can gift to you. Their moment was perfection, and they now have new memories (and finally some photographs) from which to remember their love and commitment to one another.

I hope that you love this vow renewal as much as I did, they are such an incredible couple, their love and kind personalities are what really made these photos.


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