5 Reasons to Justify The Cost of a Wedding Videographer

Gone are the days of shaky VHS wedding videos taped by Uncle Rich! These days, the artistic wedding films swirling around the web could turn Baz Luhrmann’s head. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a gorgeous piece of custom art can come at a premium price tag. Still struggling to carve the funds out of your budget? Here are a few reasons to justify the cost of a wedding videographer from NST Pictures.

Videography by NST Pictures

You will keep it forever (literally)

As long as you both shall live, there will never come a day when you look at your wedding film and say, “I think we can toss this now.”

Photo service + product = $$$$ = video service + product

You’ve hired two experienced photographers to shoot for eight hours. They’re bringing top of the line equipment and will spend a good amount of time editing your photos. Replace “photographers” with “cinematographers” and “photos” with “videos.” The cost is going to be pretty similar.

Revisit all of the items you’re purchasing

Who knew so many paychecks could go into throwing a one-day celebration? The sad truth: the food will be eaten, the flowers are going to die and that dress is going to sit in your closet, unworn, for the next 40 years. The photos will be quiet snap shots of joy, but a wedding video will bring back the crack of your dad’s voice as he toasted to how proud he is of the woman you’ve become.

It’s personalized art

Your wedding day will be like no one else’s and therefore, your wedding video will be truly unique. Not only will the cinematographer be creating a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork, it will also be personalized with your priorities in mind, like having your favorite country song be the soundtrack or your heartfelt vows leading the storyline.

It becomes a family heirloom

If your house was on fire and you could grab one non-living thing, what would it be? Most people would say their family records. A wedding video is an important piece of your family’s history and will be cherished by your grandparents, parents, siblings, the two of you and maybe one day, your children and grandchildren too.


5 responses to “5 Reasons to Justify The Cost of a Wedding Videographer

  1. Our wedding video ended up being my favorite thing we purchased. Our planner talked us into it, and I’m SO glad she did. Our wedding photographer (and second shooter) ended up being a disaster (despite his reputation and amazing portfolio), so I was glad we had the video, which is a beautiful way to relive our wedding day.

  2. You should always have a videographer to capture literally EVERY moment 🙂 Love this!

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