Our Most Useful Travel Essentials Under $50

Travel in itself is an expensive hobby, but we like to think of ourselves as savvy in the department of finding unique ways to save dollars here and there. Whether that’s choosing less expensive cities to visit, staying in Airbnbs instead of hotels, or navigating google flights like pros, we are always on the hunt for a good deal. And the same goes for our luggage and travel accessories. Suitcases bear wear and tear and it’s easy to loose or forget things when you’re on the go, so there’s no need to spend a lot of money. Instead, go the budget-friendly (easily replaceable) route, with these travel essentials—all under $50! Just because they’re cheap, doesn’t mean they are any less worth it—no, these are the items we swear by to get us from point A to B and everywhere in between.

Packing Cubes 

Keep your outfits organized and easily separate clean and dirty clothes with packing cubes. We didn’t know how much we needed these until we started using them. Not only do they make packing easier, but make finding what you need once you arrive a breeze.

Hand Sanitizer

Whether you like the spray or the wipes, hand sanitizer is a MUST while traveling. The wipes are handy for wiping down those airplane armrests and train seats. No one wants to get sick on or post-vacation and sanitizer is key in preventing it.

Back Up Chargers

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If you’re like us you probably need not one, not two, but three back up chargers. We use this Calpak power luggage tag, a Phone Charging Passport Holder, and this Belkin Portable Charger, which gives your phone up to TWO entire charges. This pineapple one is super cute too. Our advice? Keep them in different places so if you loose one or run out of power (we speak from experience) you still have some juice.

Nail Kit

We always, we repeat, always, need a nail file or pair of tweezers while traveling, and after sifting through our toiletry bag one too many times in search of the tiny tool, made the $10 investment in a nail kit. Now, everything is right where we need it when we need it.

Travel Sized Steamer

We recommend a travel-sized steamer so you never have to worry about wrinkled clothes when you get to your destination! This one is under $30 and is super easy to use—we take it everywhere!

Mini Hair Tools

Travel Essentials, essential things to pack for traveling, Travel Essentials Carry on

You definitely can’t bank on the place you are staying having a blow-dryer, especially if you’re going for budget friendly accommodations, so pack this cute blow dryer. It may be pint sized but it sure is powerful. While you’re at it, stow away a Mini Flat Iron too.

Facial Mist

Freshening up while traveling has never been easier, or felt so good, than with this facial spray. Plus, it’s pocket size so there’s no fear of it getting taken away at security. Spritz, spritz away!


Travel Essentials, essential things to pack for traveling, Travel Essentials Carry on

We can easily forget to document the things we do in a day while on vacation, but having a cute journal makes us 10x more likely to do so. We love being able to look back on the places we’ve been and have a place to savor the best moments and photos from the trip.

Mini Drawing Board

We love taking along this mini Buddha board on long airplanes to tune out the screens and get in touch with our creativity. All you need is water, which makes it great for kids, too!

Travel Flatware

Travel Essentials, essential things to pack for traveling, Travel Essentials Carry on

Yes, you can be eco-friendly while traveling. Just take along your own set of flatware so you don’t have to worry about plastic utensils while in airports or out and about. Trust us, you’ll be thankful you had this set of fork, spoon, and chopsticks on hand, all wrapped up in an adorable travel case.

Enhanced iPhone Case

While we used to have to travel with a big, heavy DSLR, today’s tech makes it easy to capture our vacation all from our phone. But that doesn’t mean you are limited to only the power of your phone’s lens. With this phone case, you not only get a protective case, but also 3 camera lenses – a macro, fish eye, and super wide angle.

Disposable Camera

Travel Essentials, essential things to pack for traveling, Travel Essentials Carry on

Speaking of cameras, sometimes nothing beats a good ole disposable! Especially when it comes to snapping under-water pics. If you’re headed somewhere tropical, take along this fun underwater camera and come back with “vintage” pics.

Fanny Pack

We like to wander cities and take in the sights hands-free, so a fanny pack has been our most recent travel essential. This one is cute and sporty and holds all the necessities—phone, room key, credit cards, and sunnies.


Walking everywhere means you are bound to get a blister or two, and probably another on your hunt for the nearest drugstore. Our advice? Order these mini Band-aid packs in bulk on Amazon and always have them on hand.

Blemish Control Stick

Travel Essentials, essential things to pack for traveling, Travel Essentials Carry on

Don’t go anywhere without this Zit Stick. Seriously, after trying it, you will never leave home without it again—works like a charm on flare-ups every time! It’s slim and super easy to stick in any bag so it is perfect for travel.

Lip Balm

But not just any lip balm…Make sure you select a nourishing formula with SPF! Nothing chaps your lips like dehydrating airplanes and hot weather. And you’ll likely be spending a lot of time outdoors, so sun protection is key as well.

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