10 L.A. Ice Cream Shops to Check off your Bucket List

Since LA boasts practically-summer weather all year round, we’re always on the hunt for new frozen treats! These are some of our favorite ice cream shoos from all over LA and trust us, you’re going to want to add them all to your Summer bucket list!

1. Stickhouse Gelato 

Step 1: Choose from tons of different gelato pops. Step 2: Dip it in white, milk or dark chocolate. Step 3: Cover in whatever topping you’d like! Stickhouse Gelato in Santa Monica is a must-go after your next beach day or stroll on the promenade!

Your L.A. Ice Cream Bucket List - Inspired by This

2. Sprinkles Ice Cream 

It’s no secret that the IBT girls are obsessed with Sprinkles Cupcakes. They’re a staple in our office. So naturally, Sprinkles Ice Cream is a no brainer! They make everything homemade (including their sauces!). Our favorite? A red velvet cupcake with red velvet ice cream in the middle…can’t go wrong with that!

Your L.A. Ice Cream Bucket List - Inspired by This

3. Amorino Beverly Hills 

Authentic Italian gelato made to look like a flower? Yes please! Not only does it look absolutely amazing, it’s the most delicious treat on a hot summer day. Amorino gets our vote for “Most Instagrammable” ice cream!

Your L.A. Ice Cream Bucket List - Inspired by This

4. Creamistry 

The Creamistry is dessert AND a show! Choose your flavor and natural ingredient (or organic) base and flavor and watch as they add liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream right in front of your eyes! It’s the perfect dessert for kids and parents alike and with several locations around LA, there’s no excuse not to go!

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5. Bigg Chill 

A Westwood staple, Bigg Chill has been serving up frozen treats for 20 years! Don’t be fooled by their “frozen yogurt” menu items because this is the creamiest, most ice-cream-like fro-yo we’ve ever had. Plus, you can top it with their famous, vegan cookie dough, so like, what are you waiting for?

6. Salt and Straw 

Originally from Portland, the mecca of all things craft, Salt and Straw made it’s way down to LA and we could not be more excited about it. Their unique flavors like Strawberry Cilantro Lime Cheesecake and Black Olive Brittle with Goat Cheese might sound strange at first but trust us, this ice cream is top notch and every flavor more delicious than the next!

Your L.A. Ice Cream Bucket List - Inspired by This

7. Manhattan Beach Creamery 

Our office is dangerously close to the Creamery…just a few blocks away in fact, so we constantly find ourselves hitting it up for an afternoon pick me up! While their ice cream is top notch, their famous Creamwich ice cream sandwiches are actually a spiritual experience. Homemade ice cream squished between 2 fresh baked cookies and dipped in chocolate – it’s to die for!

8. Handel’s

When you’ve been making ice cream since 1945, you know what’s up. Handel’s ice cream originated in Ohio and has since spread to a few select states across the U.S. Luckily California is one of them and their Redondo Beach location is the perfect place to hit up after a long day in the surf! Their ice cream is so good on it’s own but we prefer to make ours into a brownie sundae. Also, all scoops are just $2 on Tuesday. You’re welcome.

9. 21 Choices

While not technically ice cream, we had to put it on here because 21 Choices is just that good! Think Cold Stone but with fro-yo. Choose your flavor and your toppings and watch as they mix them in! You can also opt for pre-mixed flavors that will allow you to cut the line. Our personal faves? The Circus Animal Cookie (it’s like being 5 again!) and the Salty Sailor – anything with pretzels and caramel is a win in our book.

10. Afters

You might need to drive a little out of the way for this one but believe us, Afters is definitely worth the traffic! They’re known for their “Milky Buns.” What’s a Milky Bun you ask? Well let us tell you. It’s essentially an ice cream sandwich but instead of cookies on either side, it’s a soft, delicious, donut-like bun. Y.U.M. Choose a flavor and top it with all kinds of cookies or cereals and you’ve got yourself the ultimate summer treat!


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