6 Instagram Worthy Maui, HI Airbnbs we need to stay at

With summer travel in full swing, we have been noticing many people are planning on traveling to Maui, Hawaii. This doesn’t come as a surprise to us with crystal blue oceans and perfect tropical weather Hawaii is pretty much perfect. That being said, it can be hard to find those Instagram-worthy epic vacation spots on Airbnb. That is without spending hours on end scrolling through the website. We did the research for you and paired down our favorite picks to the top 6 Maui, HI Airbnbs the internet has to offer. You can thank us when you are oceanfront with a Mai Tai in hand!

The Kutcher Condo

Does the name Jenna Kutcher ring any bells? You are not alone in your love for the photographer turned marketing guru. Everything Jenna touches turns to gold. So, it came as no surprise to us that the Kutcher Condo looks like it was made to belong on Pinterest.

Bamboo Temple, walk to waterfall

A bamboo temple that’s a walk to a Hawaiian waterfall pretty much sells itself. Out of all the Maui, HI Airbnbs this one is the most out of the box, and will provide an amazing experience.

Tropical North Shore Cottage

This sweet bungalow cottage features bright and airy decor and a lot more space than the condo’s if you are looking for a more family friendly option look no further.

Stunning Oceanfront Pool Condo

The words, oceanfront and pool have to be the most enticing two words to ever be used in the same sentence. This condo is the exact place you will find us on our next trip to Maui, HI.

Modern Apartment with Panoramic Balcony Ocean Views

If you read panoramic balcony with ocean views and though “say no more” than you are not alone. This modern apartment is the perfect destination spot for anyone that wants to spend their time drinking cocktails on the balcony.

Millennial Pink Loft

Out of all the Maui HI Airbnbs, this one has got to be the most Instagram worthy. This millennial pink loft features every millennial’s favorite color – pink! With amble natural lighting and adorable decor this vacation spot will be sure to feel like a dream.

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