10 Things To Do on a Hawaiian Vacation

If you’re considering a vacation spot that offers both adventure and relaxation, Hawaii is absolutely your place! We had the pleasure to go island hopping around this beautiful state and we are sharing our top 10 things to do while on a Hawaiian vacation. This place has so many must-dos to offer, it was overwhelming and extremely difficult to narrow it down. From fresh eats to surreal views, this is one place you will never get bored of. While we didn’t get a chance to stop at every island, we were able to see and experience Hawaii in all of its beauty. Every corner we got to explore offered something unique and special from the last one. If you’re ready to go on a Hawaiian vacation of a lifetime, look no further, we’ve highlighted some key attractions during our stay in Oahu & Maui that we will never forget and we know you will too!

Oahu/ North Shore

Spend a night in Waikiki – Whether you come to Hawaii for a beach getaway or mountain views, it doesn’t hurt to get a taste of the city!  This is where you get to see Oahu come to life with incredible dining, shopping, and various hotels just steps away from the beach.

Go zip-lining – If you’re looking for a thrill, nothing could be more exhilarating than zipping through Ka’a’awa Valley! Each line allows you to gaze at native plants and animals up 200 feet below you, giving you the chance to learn all about the Hawaiian landscape. If this wasn’t reason enough to add this on your itinerary, it doesn’t hurt to mention that Kualoa Ranch is famous for being the movie set location for iconic films, like Jurassic Park!

Attend a luau – One of the most beautiful things about Hawaii is its rich culture, and the perfect way to experience that is through an all-inclusive night of traditional cuisine, music, and entertainment! Every luau is different, some offering elements from a multitude of Polynesian cultures, but we guarantee that each will leave you with a deeper understanding and an undeniable appreciation for their way of life.

Eat like a local – One thing you won’t leave Hawaii without is an empty stomach! When it comes to the freshest produce, seafood and quality dining, Hawaii surely does not disappoint. While we could go on and on about the food we had (still drooling over here!), we’ve narrowed it down to the staple foods that you absolutely must try:

Poke – I mean…this is the land in which poke originated, need we say anything else?

Shave ice – If you decide to go to Hawaii in the summer like we did, this sweet treat will quench your thirst and save your life!

Shrimp truck plate – Nothing gets us going more than the smell of sautéed garlic and melting butter! We promise you, you’ll want to make the trip along Kamehameha Highway for a selection of shrimp trucks parked at your service. Pro-tip: If you’re going with a group, order a different plate on the menu for a family-style shrimp feast!

Beach hop around town – It’s no secret that Hawaii has some of the most pristine beaches in the world! From Kaaawa to Pūpūkea, each beach offered something special in of itself. Between snorkeling, hiking, people watching or just soaking up the rays you’ll be in for a jam-packed day as you cruise along the North Shore.

Take a surfing lesson – When traveling to Hawaii, it’s almost mandatory that you take the chance to surf here too. This is the most isolated island on the planet exposing you to year-round waves and a 100% life-changing opportunity to hop on board!


Stay in a room with an oceanside view – After adventuring through Oahu, nothing beats a laid back getaway in Maui. Lucky for us, we had the chance to stay at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua for the ultimate paradise escape. Our suite was steps away from the pool & chic cabanas where we could enjoy the oceanside view at all angles. Oh, and did we forget to mention the burger & shakes shack by the beach?!

Take a sunrise hike – As if waking up to the sound of crashing waves was enough, The Ritz Kapalua offered a stunning sunrise hike along the Kapalua Coastal Trail for picture-perfect moments and peaceful silence as the sun started to rise. If you need a moment to rejuvenate and take everything in, let a sunrise hike be your solace!

Detox in a spa – After exploring all that these Hawaiian islands have to offer, you’ll need a moment to slow down and de-stress. The Ritz spa was the ideal tranquil setting to unwind and truly feel relaxed. Take a moment to indulge in a hot stone massage, or an organic deep cleansing facial – your body and your soul will thank you later!

Go on a road trip – Made up of two volcanoes, you wouldn’t believe the beauty Maui has to offer. The Road to Hana is a dreamlike escapade with iconic stops along the way. From waterfalls to red sand beaches, to black sand beaches going on this road trip along Maui’s coast will give you the chance of a lifetime to see our planet in all its glory and in a whole new light! Pro-tip: pack plenty of snacks and bug spray for an all-day bumpy ride through the jungle.

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