5 Ways to Make A Staycation Feel Like You’re Away

Who says you have to buy a plane ticket to go full vacay-mode?! With so many new stays popping up on every corner, adventure awaits–even if it’s in your own backyard (both literally and figuratively)! If you’re looking to take a staycation this summer, read on to see our 5 best ways to explore local while feeling like you’re a flight away.

Buy New Essentials

Treat this staycation as you would any other trip! Start with buying yourself new essentials to get in the vacay mindset. Think, sunscreen, new swimsuit,  a book to read, and our favorite…a fresh set of jammies for the road! Don’t let this trip be “just another over nighter”. Pack your bags knowing that you’re leaving for a trip that will refresh you, and pack that way too!

Set Work Boundaries & Plan Your Re-Entry!

Do not even *think* about touching your email. DON’T! Prior to leaving for your trip, set work boundaries and make sure you can enjoy your staycation without being on the clock! After you dot your i’s and cross your t’s, plan your re-entry into the work force. How will you take care of tasks once you’re back in office? Is there anything that will take priority for your attention? By preparing all of these things ahead of time, you’ll be able to breathe easy knowing that you can enjoy your staycation stress free.

Make an Itinerary!

Whether you’re type A or go with the flow, making an itinerary will help you make the most of your time while in vacay mode. Before you head out, make a general itinerary of what you want to spend your days doing! It doesn’t have to have details to the minute, but a general idea of what you want to experience each day while you’re OOO.

Don’t go to your favorite spots. Keep new spots a priority! 

You have every normal day of the week to visit your go-to coffee shop. For your staycation, make it a priority to only try new spots in your area. It’s so refreshing to discover new spots around the area. Plus, this will help your experience feel like somewhere new!

Have a YES day!

Treat yourself, end of story. Since you’re saving money on travel expenses, invest that money into a special experience for yourself! You can book a massage, mani pedi, or maybe a bike ride or wine tasting! Having a special experience is the cherry on top to transport you into paradise.