5 Beach Essentials Everyone Needs

Summer is in full swing, and it’s time to get our beach on. Every good beach day has its list of essentials, and today we will be sharing ours. These items are our go-to beach essentials that everyone needs; you’re beach days will be a blast after reading this list!

01. Tanning Oil

The essential of summer is having a summer glow. To avoid the burns, and unappealing streaks of some self-tanners, here’s a list of the best tanning oil to use while laying out at the beach.

02. Trellis Weekender Tote

The hunt for a perfect beach bag is now over. This adorable Trellis Weekender Tote from Anthropology isn’t just cute, but it also has space for days. Looking stylish and having room for all your beach essentials is a done deal with this glamorous bag!

03. Sunglasses

Image via @keneurich

Everyone knows you can’t go to the beach without a sweet pair of shades.

Here is a list of our favorite sunglasses to add to your beach essentials:

04. Cover-Up

Image via @anawolfermann

We all want that flawless summer dress we can wear after a long day in the sun. After all, there is no better feeling.

Here are a list of our favorite stores to purchase the perfect beach cover-up:

05. Sunscreen

Finally, our last beach essential is sunscreen. It’s no secret that the UV Rays are something you don’t want to mess with. To protect your skin and avoid those painful burns, here our are favorite sunscreen brands:

Summer’s are full of beach days, and this summer is no exception. Hopefully, with our list of beach essentials, you’ll be ready to hit the waves!