5 Spring Festivals to Visit in Your Lifetime

Springtime is so refreshing…warmer weather, lots of sunshine and so many reasons to celebrate! Whether you’re a music lover, a travel enthusiast or just looking for something fun to do, these are 5 spring festivals to visit this season!

Holland Tulip Festival

Photo via Barefoot Blonde

Bust your wooden shoes out for Holland’s annual Tulip Festival! Thousands of tulips bloom in the springtime for a sight unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Head to Flevoland to see over 2,500 acres of tulips in every color imaginable among picturesque windmills. You’ll feel like you stepped right into a fairytale!

California’s Famous Coachella

Photo via Racked

While not necessarily a celebration of Spring itself, Coachella is one of the most sought after festivals of all time. People from all over the world gather in Indio, CA for the ultimate 3 day concert series! Bands of all kinds perform on multiple stages under the desert sun. It’s a fun-loving weekend filled with food, jams and amazing festival fashion!

Holi in India

Photo via Architecture and Design

Indian culture celebrates the colorful Holi festival every Spring to signify good triumphing over evil. If you happen to travel to any part of India at this time of year, beware, you might be covered in colored water or powder in celebration!

Tokyo Cherry Blossom Festival

Photo via The Sunday Chapter

Each year, as the harsh winter melts away, Japan explodes with gorgeous Cherry Blossom trees everywhere! It’s a symbol of new life and a sign that warmer weather is coming. There are several amazing locations to check out the blooms in Tokyo – it’s a must for your Spring travel bucket list!

The White House Easter Egg Roll

Photo via Our Presidents

There’s not a better lawn in America to roll Easter eggs on than the White House! If you’re lucky enough to win the lottery ticket drawing, you and your family could be headed to our nation’s capitol for the ultimate Easter party. Live band performances, obstacle courses with pro athletes, cooking demonstrations with top chefs…you name it, the Easter Egg Roll has it. Truly a once in a lifetime experience!

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