11 Travel Instagrams to Ignite Your Wanderlust

These are the Instagrammers we live vicariously through. From travel bloggers to magazines, these accounts share the world from their POV, inspiring us to pack our bags for the next destination. Here are the 10 travel Instagrams to follow if you are looking to engage your wanderlust or plan your next vacay.


These are the images we tag our friends in daily. The crem de la creme of travel photography from places we didn’t even know existed. Chances are, you’re already following them, but we couldn’t leave them out.

The mesmerizing views of Bled ? courtesy of @oldkyrenian. Share your favorite places and include #beautifuldestinations

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This girl wins all our awards for having an innate eye for beauty! From unique architecture to her breakfast, she makes everything look incredible through her camera lens. Her photos will fill your feed with sunny exposure.

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We love this account for a few reasons – one being the incredible imagery that transports us all over the world, and two because it features #traveleroftheweek, showcasing the most magical travel moments from people everywhere.


Not only does Kristin share the most scenic pics, but also includes tips on how to get there, what route to take, etc. Currently stopped in Chile.


This ex-The Bachelor contestant gives us the courage to travel alone/ pick up everything and spend a month – or year – in a country. She shares under-the-radar hotspots and luxe hotels on her account that make us seriously envy her lifestyle.


For the outdoorsy traveler, there isn’t better inspiration. Starry nights and tumultuous hikes will send anyone into adventure mode – packing their backpacks for the nearest (or farthest) canyon or creek.


Created by one of our favorite fashionista’s, Julia Hengel, her husband, and a few of their friends, Will Journey is chalk full of beautiful photography of destinations that are stateside & international – as well as itineraries for when you get there.

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Gorgeous hotels & venues worldwide grace The Venue Report’s feed and show us exactly where to stay on a getaway.


From photogenic meals, to selfies, to her current view, Brooke shares all the ins and outs of her travels in vivid color. Her fun feed makes us want to live out of our suitcase too… Currently in Italy.

Less about the breathtaking mountain ranges & sunsets, and more about quirky corners and painted doors, A Lady in London’s feed is full of both the adventure in her local alleyways and unique images of the 101 and counting countries she’s visited.

All of these accounts inspire us to explore, but for some reason, Girls Born to Travel helps us actually picture ourselves there – with our best freinds, or on our own. It’s filled with inspiring women travelers sharing their journeys – how cool is that?


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