How to Wear Leggings All the Time and Get Away with It

‘Tis the season of comfortable clothes, am I right?! As much as we look forward to the holiday season to be able to dress to the nine’s for all of the events we’re either hosting or attending, we sure do love to be cozy on a day-to-day basis! So… want to know how to wear leggings all the time and get away with it? We thought so! We are firm believers that leggings don’t always have to be casual (and trust us when we say we will be taking full advantage of this!). Here’s how we’ll be styling our leggings these next couple months.

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Leather leggings are especially popular during the colder months, and for a very good reason! We opt for these when attending holiday events or parties. They are so easy to pair with a bulky sweater or coat as a layering piece. Let’s make dressing up easy!

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Ponchos, leggings & OTK boots is a trend you can be sure we’ll be following. People may not even notice you’re wearing leggings with boots that hit over the knee. But there’s more good news! Leggings & a poncho look just as good with your favorite flats.

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One of our favorite combinations is leggings & denim. It’s such a cool look- and most of the time a pinch to recreate. All of us have black leggings, a denim jacket, and a simple tee in our closets, right? Plus, this is such an easy look to dress up or down with just the switch of your kicks.

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Oversized blazers are another item that everyone should own, simply due to the fact that they are so versatile. They can easily transition from day-to-night and season to season! Double up or layer underneath for that extra chic look.

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And last but not least, workout leggings! It is so true that new workout clothes will give you that extra energy to make it to the gym on those days you don’t have quite enough energy. Throw your hair in an extra cute pony or bring a chunky knit sweater with you for those post-workout errands!

What are your favorite ways to get away with wearing your leggings all week? 😉

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