Hair How-To: Tucked Braid Updo

We gawk at her work on Instagram and constantly wonder how Steph of Hair and Makeup by Steph, creates such perfect hair styles for brides and beauties alike! Well, today on our style blog, she’s showing us how to style this tucked braid updo – a hair-do we are SO in love with! We’re hoping this tutorial is as easy as it sounds and not as complex as it looks!




1. Divide the hair into two sections – one small section that goes from about 2″ behind your ear and forward on the heavy side, and everything else in one big section.


2. Take the big section and begin a french braid that starts by the ear and goes across the back of the head.


Hair How-To: Tucked Braid Updo


3. Continue braiding across the back until you reach the opposite corner.


4. Roll the end of the braid up and tuck it underneath.  Secure the ends with a bobby pin.


Hair How-To: Tucked Braid Updo
5. Let down the small section and do another french braid, this time starting at the part and going down behind the ear.


Hair How-To: Tucked Braid Updo


6. Holding the braid loosely in one hand, use the other hand to gently pull on individual sections of the braid to loosen and soften it.

Hair How-To: Tucked Braid Updo

7. Tuck the ends of the braid under and secure them with bobby pins just next to where you secured the other braid.​


Hair How-To: Tucked Braid Updo Hair How-To: Tucked Braid Updo


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