How to Travel Fashionably with The Darling Detail

Travel in style with help from this style blog! It may seem silly, but airport fashion is a thing.. don’t take our word for it just flip through any tabloid and spot the shots of impeccably dressed celebs hitting the jetways and heading out of town. Thus, we called upon 21 year old (talk about ambition!) Jessi from The Darling Detail to show us how to travel fashionably!


Tell us a little bit about how The Darling Detail started!

I’m a recent fashion graduate from the University of Texas, a lover and admirer of all visual inspiration, and an adorer of all things darling. While studying fashion in school, I found myself obsessing over bloggers who were particularly different from the rest, spending way too many nights stumbling around Pinterest and Tumblr, and planning out graphic design layouts. In February 2013, I finally decided to begin The Darling Detail (a creative outlet which is absolutely darling to me), and found so much happiness within it.I blog purely and simply for sharing the joy of small inspirations with others!

How to Travel FashionablyHow to Travel Fashionably

How would you describe your personal style?

I like to think of my style as classic and chic, with a vintage twist to it. I’m most inspired by Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn, and I’m a lover of all things French. I like to watch trends, but don’t necessarily follow them to a T.

How to Travel Fashionably

For a lot of people, summer is filled with travel and adventures!  How to you stay stylish while hopping on and off planes and wanting to be comfortable?

Flying in style is all about dressing in layers. My stretchiest, most comfiest pair of denim jeans have become my best friend when traveling. And I like to keep my feet covered, so a good pair of sneakers is a must on my packing list. I also usually throw on a cute tank to stay cool, while keeping a favorite sweater nearby. Another one of my favorite secrets to traveling in style is fixing my hair, swiping on that mascara, dabbing on the lipstick, and feeling confident as ever. But of course—diving into those comfy, cozy layers is a must. Dressing fashionably is all about staying comfortable, while feeling confident. Personally, if I’m not comfortable… I don’t feel confident.

How to Travel Fashionably

You went to Paris this summer for a fun little getaway (that we’re totally jealous of)!  In a city known for it’s amazing fashion, how did you decide what to pack!?

When it comes to packing for Paris in the summer, pack light! I may be from Texas, but I definitely wasn’t prepared for this summer heat (yes, you heard me… it’s hot en France!). Make sure to bring enough basics for getting touristy during the day, but also bring some trendy items for that nice dinner out and bar hopping at night! Light, summer dresses are key here—who doesn’t want to look girly and gorgeous in Paris? It’s definitely the time and the place to get all dolled up…!

How to Travel Fashionably

A huge part of traveling is sight seeing, especially in a gorgeous and historical place like Paris. What is your advice on how to look cute while seeing the city?

Staying stylish and comfortable while getting tourist-y is all about sticking to basics. I love a great pair of light, flowy pants (i.e., this pair from Splendid) paired with a classic shirt when getting touristy. You don’t feel so restricted while walking around for hours. A pair of great walking shoes is always worth the investment—my favorite have been my Tory Burch Miller Sandals and my Authentic Vans from Madewell. A great flowy, summer dress will do the trick too. No need to suffocate yourself during all that sightseeing!

How to Travel Fashionably

It’s always fun to find restaurants and explore the nightlife in a new city.  What outfits should you pack for a night out?

If you decide to hit up the Mediterranean coast in the South of France, dressing for the beach is one of the most exciting parts (who’s with me?). I’m a fan of packing high-waisted swimsuits for a little French-vintage fashion. I brought along my favorite beach button down by California Tailor for the cutest kind of classic cover up, and a head scarf from H&M to add a pop of accessories to the mix. It’s a great excuse to dress your best… even a la plage.

How to Travel FashionablyHow to Travel Fashionably

Beauty Secret: I put coconut oil on the ends of my hair before I go to sleep every night, and add a little bit to my ends in the morning. It keeps my hair extremely healthy (it’s the secret to growing out long hair!), and also works to de-frizz. Plus it smells naturally divine.

Travel Must Have: My Canon Rebel t3i. I don’t know what I’d do without it. Oh, and blister bandaids (ouch!).

How to Travel Fashionably

Celeb you’d swap closets with: I have a recent obsession with the fashion director of Tank Magazine, Caroline Issa. She’s a celebrity in my eyes, and her sense of street style is to die for.

Trend you’re obsessed with right now: Pairing white on white. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over this one; it’s so classic and elegant when done right.

Style Advice: I’m a firm believer in investing in high-quality, neutral basics and dressing them up or down with fun jewels and accessories. It’s a good way to always look nice, regardless of whether you’re actually on a budget or not.

How to Travel Fashionably



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  1. This is definitely inspiring me to trade out my classic yoga-pants-and-sweatshirt airport look……

  2. What is the brand of the suitcase that she has? I LOVE it, and it looks small enough to go on the plane with you!

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