How to Keep Hair Healthy All Year Long

Between healthy hair products and no-heat hairstyles, keeping your hair at its best – picture shiny, strong, hydrated locks – is possible! But don’t just take our word for it! We brought in expert, Love White, founder of Love & Snow, to share just how to keep hair healthy all year long. Love says, “The keys to healthy hair 365 days of the year include using effective techniques, consistency, and finding the right products that support your healthy hair journey.” With her tips, you can say goodbye to tangled, frizzy, dry, or drab hair. Now, that’s something to smile about.

How to Keep Hair Healthy 

How to Keep Hair Healthy

1. Regularly Moisturize Hair 

Hydrating hair daily or every other day helps keep hair healthy as weather, activities, and environmental exposure change throughout the year. Hair readily loses moisture in a similar way as the skin on our face and body. Moisture loss opens the door to issues including damage, breakage, and split ends as well as unsuccessful growth and frustrating styling sessions. The same way we moisturize the face daily to keep skin tight, glowing, and healthy, our hair needs similar attention to stay shiny, nourished, and strong. An overnight treatment can offer an added bonus as repair occurs at the same time as our bodies naturally restore. The Love & Snow Hair and Scalp Serum also has sealant qualities to help reduce the quickness of moisture loss, allowing applied moisture to last longer.

2. Nourish the Entire Strand with Clean, Nutrient Rich Products 

Moisturizing only the ends leaves the rest of the strand vulnerable to damage and frizz, as well as an uneven distribution of fortifying nutrients. We know that when we wash our hair we cleanse the entire strand, not just the ends, to make sure hair is clean. A similar approach to hydration supports healthy hair any time of year. For full length moisturizing to be effective, using clean products that fully absorb allows hair to receive vital nutrients without weighing hair down. A great way to figure out how absorbent a product may be is to place it on the back of the hand and massage the product into the skin. This technique lets you test the ability and quickness of product absorption and see if any residue is left behind. Application is also key! In this instance more is not better; apply product as directed. For those with a “heavy hand,” using more product than recommended can contribute to weighing hair down.

3. Give Your Scalp Some Care

Don’t forget or ignore your scalp. Healthy hair originates from healthy scalp. Your scalp is like the soil of a garden. It is important for the scalp to routinely be nourished, moisturized, decongested, and cleansed to ensure new hair growth can be at its healthiest. Remember scalp care does not necessarily mean washing hair every day. Over washing can throw off the natural ability of your scalp to self regulate oil production, leaving you with a scalp that may be excessively oily or extra dry and itchy.

4. Keep Hair and Scalp pH Balance In Mind

Your hair and scalp have a naturally acidic pH around 4.1 to 4.4 that helps provide built-in protection against bacteria. Finding products that help keep that acidic pH level in check helps maintain the natural ability of the scalp and hair to stay healthy. Products that are too acidic or too alkaline can throw off natural functioning levels, leaving you more prone to scalp itch and irritability. Even simply rinsing with water needs to be considered since water has a pH of 7. Thus, the right products need to be applied following the rinse to help re-balance natural pH levels.

5. Read Labels

Take notice of product ingredients including alcohols and synthetics that can dry out hair and contribute to scalp itch and aggravation. Hidden drying and irritating ingredients in shampoos, conditioners, and styling products can sometimes do more harm than good; making us think our hair or scalp is the problem when the issue may simply be a product’s formulation.

Naturally occurring vitamins, including vitamin E and B Complex, as well as antioxidants in Love & Snow Hair and Scalp Serum help repair damage and nourish hair. These ingredients are most similar to the body’s natural oils allowing product to be applied on the scalp and the entire hair strand and absorb more completely.

Winter can be tough of your beauty routine too, we get it. Snag our favorite (and budget friendly!) face moisturizers to keep your skin nourished as well!

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